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He charges from $200 to $300 a pop for drivers’ licenses from states including New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Hawaii.
The new technology has already led to a noticeable lowering of the age of patrons you might find in a typical Long Island Bennigan’s on a Friday night. Perhaps owing to the heat from the recent New York Post spread, City Underground was closed.

That last phrase made headlines back in February, when a street-smart New York Post reporter was able to score a veritable new identity (passport, license and social security card) for the bargain-basement price of $260 along Roosevelt Ave.
Not to mention two of his recent additions: a black light lamp so he can catch any imperfections the way a government agent might, and an RFID chip encoder, which enables him (at least, theoretically) to duplicate the hologram-enhanced NYS license (which so troubled civil libertarians when it was introduced in 2006) among other pieces of high-tech identification. In a couple months time by word of mouth alone he has already produced dozens of licenses for as many customers and currently has 20 orders for more, including a request for a fake birth certificate.

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