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On Queensland's Gold Coast, the shock of four women dying in domestic homicides in recent months has brought a range of services together to tackle family violence with a united front. A counsellor and a lawyer who work supporting women escaping domestic violence in Tasmania say some calls to the state run counselling service are not being answered. According to ACT Policing, domestic violence reports have dipped in Canberra over the last financial year. Domestic violence incidents are down by more than 400 incidents from the previous year in which officers were called out to 2,591 reported incidents.
In a recent interview with the ABC, Sergeant Dave Williams from the Family Violence Coordination Unit said although the figures appeared to show a downward trend, they were still too high.

Sergeant Williams explained further to the ABC, that on Christmas Day police attended 14 incidents of family violence, and on Boxing Day they were called to a further 10. Canberra received a specialist domestic violence unit which offers legal assistance to women in need after it was identified earlier this year as one of the highest places for domestic violence around Australia. Domestic violence reports soared by 12 per cent in Suffolk last year with more than 2,000 recorded incidents involving male victims, police have said.
Director of the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Amy Compton-Keen says the trial of a special domestic violence court at Southport has been so successful because it has the support of the domestic violence groups such as hers, as well as the police and medical services. The State Government has said they are employing 10 more counsellors under their $25 million family violence plan.

We definitely need more work done to combat underlying issues and educate our younger generation so that domestic violence becomes something very rare and hopefully wiped out. It's caused a surge in reports of domestic violence, up by more than 50 per cent in the region compared to last year.

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