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Another thing that is helpful to understand before attempting this iPad fix is that there are 3 layers to an iPad.
Make sure you don’t have any fingerprints on the LCD screen or the inside of the new glass. Also, once you reconnect the LCD screen, turn on the iPad to make sure that the screen is connected properly. Here is the video Andy watched to learn how to repair his iPad screen and also the video I referenced a lot above.
Phew, now that that is over give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your basically brand new iPad! That’s true and important to inform but I am pretty sure that anyone resorting to DIY, has an expired warranty or non at all.

Also, when purchasing your screen, you want to make sure it comes with the adhesive pre-installed. First, heat the edge of the iPad with a hairdryer because you need to loosen the glue that holds the glass to the frame of the iPad.
After you remove all of the glass (or digitizer as he calls it in the video) you will need to remove the LCD screen by un screwing 4 screws on the corner of the iPad. I’m going to buy my wife an iPad for her birthday, so it’s really handy to know what to do if the glass breaks !!
We even went the extra mile and pre-installed the plastic frame and Clips so you don't have to transfer them from your old, broken screen! This iPad repair couldn't be easier!  Caytek refuses to sacrifice quality on any part or service.

He figured it was time to learn a new trick and he embarked on the journey to DIY his shattered iPad screen for only $27. We did a quick google search, and found that it could cost up to $200 to have your iPad screen repaired, yikes! So, I’m here to tell you that you can fix your iPad screen yourself and save lots of bacon!

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