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Parenting After Separation is a free, three-hour information session for BC parents — and other family members, such as grandparents, or guardians — who are dealing with child custody, guardianship, access, and support issues.
If one of these situations applies to you, complete and file a Parenting After Separation Exemption Request (Form 31) (Word) at the court registry instead of the certificate of attendance. Note: On October 1, 2010, the Parenting After Separation program was expanded to Provincial Courts in Campbell River, Courtenay, Penticton, and Vernon. The BC Alliance for Young Parents brings dedicated professionals together, to share their experiences and challenges, exchange ideas, learn from new research and develop best practices.
Parties going through divorce need to be assured that the interaction children have and will have with both parents after the divorce is what is most important. Unfortunately, divorce often creates an emotional atmosphere of mistrust between the parents resulting in hurt, anger and sometimes revenge. Encouraging divorcing parents to recognize that the children naturally love and need both of them is crucial. I had a friend and his parents get divorced and someone asked him this question, he didn’t know wath to asnwer.
Laura and Noel, it is hard to understand why things as unfair as you not being able to be sealed to your son happen.
Andrea, The first step to answering your question is to become Temple worthy and receive your endowments.

My dad was a convert – my parents got sealed to one another and my brothers when I was 24. If your parents get a divorce, they are no longer sealed to each other, but the sealing between child to parent, both of the parents, still exists. According to my bishop, even though I am divorced civilly, I am still sealed to my ex-husband – until I am granted a sealing cancellation. If her parents are deceased, you can have their work done, and your mother can be sealed to them. While you are searching for peace in your question, I encourage you (if you have not done so already) to focus on being sealed to the Lord through your own endowment and temple marriage. Just from personal experience this past week, if you have a child that wants to be sealed to a biological parent and their step-parent you either have to get written permission from the outside biological parent or wait till the child is 21. The course explains the effects of separation on separating parents and their children and demonstrates effective ways to communicate and solve problems in parenting situations. The Cridge Young Parent Outreach Program also gratefully acknowledge the support of the United Way of Greater Victoria and private donors. Don’t worry if your sealing situation doesn’t have an answer right now.  God will make sure your receive the blessings you are worthy of. I got divorced before my child turned two, and I would love to be sealed to my son for eternity, but I am under the same impression as you .

Deciding to get a divorce the undoubtable hardest part was knowing the effect it would have on the children. You can choose to attend a Parenting After Separation course if you want to (and one is available in your community), even if it’s not required. Oaks taught, “Singleness, childlessness, death, and divorce frustrate ideals and postpone the fulfillment of promised blessings…But these frustrations are only temporary. He trusts you can do it, and though your share in this life is hard, he knows you have the strength to do it. So I began searching and found an article about the what someone else has mentioned in divorce children who have been born under the covenant remain sealed to BOTH parents.
I know my children will be born in the covenant and i know my parents even know wonder why I’m so happy amidst tribulation.
Please, if someone has an answer, name the exact verse, or talk, where this is stated explicitely, because parents are unmarried, that a child cannot be sealed to them if such exists.

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