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As Canadian Indie Label Week draws to a close, our final profile takes us to Halifax, Nova Scotia, home of DIVORCE Records. Darcy Spidle, founder of DIVORCE Records, is well aware that Halifax is not the hottest musical city in Canada. Splitting his time between DIVORCE Records, its distribution wing and the OBEY Convention, an annual non-profit Halifax underground music festival, has been tough for Darcy. DIVORCE works with artists both within Canada and around the world, producing limited edition vinyl micro-runs that exist just as much to give the artist a sense of completion and accomplishment as to, you know, be a record someone can listen to and enjoy.

Halifax's Divorce Records typically focuses on music of the more experimental variety, but it is now further expanding its reach by launching a new sub-label called Heavy Fog, which will zero in on boundary-pushing classical music. The distro started years later as a place to sell records from labels I had been trading with. Considering its size, Halifax is an especially cultural city with a vibrant and welcoming arts community. I try to provide records that are otherwise impossible to find in Halifax, genres like experimental, avant-jazz, oddball reissues, weirdo punk from Canadian labels, etc.

I put the distro side of things on hold when I'm releasing records or working on the OBEY Convention, so I'd say the distro is certainly the least demanding.
Over the last few years I have shifted some attention to other music related pursuits, most notably the OBEY Convention music festival that I run Halifax; however, I hope to maintain a slow but steady release schedule well into the future.

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