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I am leaving Chicago inside of a week, I think, for a voyage around the world; so in closing I must wish you - in my absence - all good luck in your efforts. The Murray Hill Hotel has been addressed twice in the BSI’s Archival History series, “The Murray Hill Hotel” in Irregular Records of the Early ’Forties and “Farewell to Parlors F and G” in Irregular Proceedings of the Mid ’Forties. A copy of Morley’s letter to Smith below went to Vincent Starrett in Chicago, with the handwritten note: “Merry Christmas, Vincenzio. When I was in Chicago a week ago I learned from Vincent Starrett that his book 221-B is actually to be published on January 30.
A few more details about some of these Irregulars of the ’30s and ’40s can be provided now, for the record.
I had thought that he was sent to China by the Chicago Tribune as its Far Eastern correspondent.

Starrett later used the title for his bookman’s column in the Chicago Tribune, which appeared Sundays for some twenty-five years. On the occasion of the 1940 dinner, however, the editor of 221B: Studies in Sherlock Holmes was not even in Chicago, a mere overnight run on the 20th Century Limited to New York.
On January 30, barring accidents, I shall be four weeks along in a Reno residence of six, in an effort to procure a divorce which will enable me to marry Ray. How he came to write to Vincent Starrett in Chicago, he no longer remembers, but from his papers at Franklin & Marshall come these two letters from Starrett, who encouraged him, commented on his paper, and saved it until 221B came along as a convenient outlet a few years later. He was across the prairies and over the Rockies in Reno, Nevada, in the process of getting a divorce from his first wife, Lillian Hartsig, in the days when six weeks’ residence in “The Biggest Little City in the World” was the quickest way. Keddie sent me a jolly letter about it, which, with yours, goes into the permanent records.

But beyond that, their Irregular con-nections in 1940 are a mystery, and their names do not appear again in surviving Irregular records.
Edgar Smith’s affectionate zeal, not less than his Sherlockian scholarship, his gusto in pamphleteering, his delight in keeping orderly records, and his access to mimeographic and parchment-engrossing and secretarial resources, all these were irresistible. The owlish bespectacled man at the bottom of the picture may or may not be Elmer Davis; across from him, Earle Walbridge makes another appearance in what will long stand as the record for unbroken attendance at the annual dinners.

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