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As the Law Commission publishes its Supplementary Consultation Paper on the financial consequences of divorce, Dr Therese Callus, from the University of Reading’s School of Law, argues that the present law on divorce could be said to be uncertain, outdated and inappropriate to today’s couples. A Law Commission Consultation in 2011 considered whether ‘pre-nups’ – pre-nuptial agreements between spouses, as favoured by celebrities and the super-rich – should receive greater weight in English law. London is termed the ‘divorce capital of the world’ yet many argue that the law on divorce settlements is uncertain, dated and incompatible with today’s society. In the English common law system, there is no equivalent to the continental matrimonial property regimes or contracts which come into effect upon marriage and which provide for property distribution when the marriage is dissolved through either divorce or death. Kenny Leigh of Kenny Leigh & Associates in Jacksonville, Florida shares a new presentation on Pre-Divorce Information.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The Saudi case sparked international attention both before and after the divorce in large part due to the one-sided nature of the decision.

Divorce rates vary around the world due in large part to differing laws, differing religious perspectives, and relative economic prosperity. One upside to the uptick in divorce amongst the younger set is the relative lack of children caught up the middle of the warring couple, long seen as the most devastating result of the dissolution of marriages. While pre-nups tend to be of only minimal interest to the average couple, their status in English law says a lot about how law regulates the consequences of marriage and civil partnership for us all. Wealthy individuals claim the right to draw up pre-nuptial contracts in order to protect ‘their’ wealth from being divided with an ex-spouse upon divorce. When sensitive evidence arises, the court goes into ‘closed session’ with the public, press and non-government parties (and their lawyers) excluded from the court. Families are torn apart, children are left emotionally scarred, and some would say the very fabric of the union is damaged every time a divorce happens.
Though exact numbers of pre-teen co-habitation are hard to determine, estimates of divorce rates put the number at approximately 50 per cent and rising.

Legal controversy on the veil previously ignited following prohibitions imposed by Headteachers and Governors of state schools on the wearing of a niqab and jilbab (a long cloak-like garment that covers the body except the hands and face) by a teaching assistant and student, respectively.
Upon divorce, the economically weaker spouse finds herself (or himself) at a disadvantage because of the respective contributions during the marriage. Even if people accept the argument that economic meltdown is at the door, and that help comes with the price of outsourcing policy to external actors, one cannot accurately predict what citizens will choose if asked. Some solid ideas to tackle include avoiding arguments when in the presence of the kids (or other family members), agreeing to maintain secrecy about your plan, and maintaining normal holiday behaviors or traditions.

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