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This idea of ‘conscious uncoupling’ took the world of divorce by storm but very few were critical of their decision.  Instead, many were amazed that this could even be done.
It is time we rethink our understanding of the word ‘divorce’- it should not be a scary word, a dirty word or something we are embarrassed by.  A divorce should be seen as a part of a marriage that, when managed well, we can look back on with some pride.
I would love you to join my community where we can together share information and resources to improve the experience of divorce & separation for everyone.

It is this combination of understanding and acceptance that will allow your family the best opportunity of a positive divorce- the type of divorce where you can look back in a few years time and say ‘I am proud of how I handled myself in the face of that significant challenge’.
Divorce is said to be the second most significant grief event many of us will ever experience.  With a divorce comes not only the personal grief, but in addition the social perceptions that a divorce is something negative, something to be ashamed of and something that might even be associated with deep personal or moral failure. So, to tackle the challenge that is your divorce there are two things you will need to accomplish- acceptance and understanding.

I dont suggest we down play divorce but hope that if we think more about the process more families can work their way out the other side and move forward with a sense of positivity.

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