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On Monday, the ABS released their latest installment of data on marriages and divorces in Australia .
There’s quite a bit of info in the series that’s worth exploring, but one of the more quirky pieces of data surrounds the occurrence of marriage throughout the year. The median age at which we are getting married is increasing, as is the median age at which we have experiencing divorce and separation. Not only are we getting married at an older age, but our marriages over the last 20 years are actually increasing in length, while our divorce rate (measured in the number of divorces per 1000 population) has remained relatively stable.

Also worth noting is how the proportion of all divorces involving children has been slowly decreasing over time while the average number of children per divorce has been stable. If we break down the 2008 figures on the median length of marriage to divorce, by State, a good bit of variation gets thrown up.
I would think it indicates that the bigger the age difference between partners, the more likely they are to divorce. A divorce rate as a proportion of all marriages at a given time is available, but only for years when the Census is undertaken.

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