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If you’re considering divorce in Northern Virginia, or if you have been served with a divorce summons or property settlement agreement (PSA) during a period of separation, you stand to benefit from the advice of a lawyer who can guide you toward sound decisions based on a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities.
Although child support issues are generally determined according to fairly inflexible child support guidelines, most other divorce issues are highly sensitive both to the facts of the case and to the discretion of the judge. As well as representing people in Virginia divorce cases, we also provide counsel in other family law matters ranging from paternity and the rights of unmarried parents to stepparent adoption to the enforcement of protective orders in domestic violence cases.

Our ability to analyze the facts of your situation in light of how a particular judge decided in the past helps our clients both in court and in negotiated settlements. She combines a level-headed and practical approach to your situation with a determined and aggressive litigation style that can protect or advance your interests in court as necessary.

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