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The following article is about the duties and responsibilities of a detective, who works for police force. The job of a detective is to look and find out proofs and then to make sure that the situation and the wrongdoing is corrected. A detective is involved in a work, which asks him to go to different places, where he gets to meet new people.

A good detective, who is working for police is the one, who has a highly intelligent mind and he is capable of discriminating between the fake and real proof, so that he does not get distracted. There is a great respect for all those detectives, who are working for the police department, for they are contributing their due efforts, in order maintain law and order in the society. All those people, who have gone through some kind of miserable conditions because of the wrong doings of others, they come to police and the department orders the most efficient detective, to investigate and interrogate the whole crime scene, so that he can find out the guilty.

He can be the one, who is working with the government bodies or can be a private detective, who is working with a private security agency.

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