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Dennis is the goldfish of Stanley Griff, and the deuteragonist of the 2001 Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) TV series Stanley.
It is revealed in the episode "A Boy's Best Friend is His Fish" that Dennis' breed of fish is a Comet.
In a related incident, the court issued a warrant for Eric Matheson, 35, who listed his address as David Stanley's house, 51 Murphy's Way. August 25, 2013While the first election in 2014 is months away, DeKalb County Administrator of Elections Dennis Stanley said potential candidates have already begun to ask questions about various offices. In fact, he is Stanley's best friend who gives him education about animals to help him with his everyday problems, which interest him.

Stanley, 36, was held without bail at the Worcester County Jail after his arraignment and will return for a pretrial conference Nov. She followed the car to the Uxbridge District Court parking lot, where she allegedly saw Dennis sitting in the front passenger seat.
Stanley is separated, filed complaints that he violated the yearlong restraining order awarded Oct. Matheson obstructed justice when they went to serve Dennis Stanley's warrant at the Church of the End Times, in Driveways Corp. Just like Dennis, Harry and Elsie, the other three characters are from shows that the creator, Jim Jinkins, has created (Doug and PB&J Otter).

Stanley allegedly saw Dennis go into David Stanley's house from the rear, walking up from Route 122. Stanley has been known to drive, a yellow Ford pickup truck and yellow Scion, both with Driveways Corp.

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