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The “tax statuses” are defined by federal law but corporations and LLCs are formed by state governments, each of whom have their own laws and regulations. Startups seeking outside investors will often need to convert form an LLC to a Delaware C-corp. A plan of conversion establishes how LLC membership interests will convert to corporate common stock.
First, the LLC will have to adopt a plan of conversion, which includes things like the type of business you are converting to, the terms and conditions of the conversion, and how you will convert the membership units into corporate shares.  The members of the LLC are entitled to vote and approve the plan of conversion.
2.         Prepare and File Michigan and Delaware Certificates of Conversion and a Delaware Certificate of Incorporation. Once you are incorporated, you need to follow the corporate formalities, which typically include preparing and executing a First Action of the Incorporator, a Board Consent in Lieu of the Initial Meeting, a Stockholder Consent in Lieu of the Initial Meeting, and Corporate Bylaws.  A startup should also ensure that appropriate vesting arrangements are in place covering issued stock. Complexity: The flexibility of an LLC also makes it more complex, and makes the set-up process more difficult because it does not have the defined structure of a corporation. Like an LLC, with a C-corporation, personal liability of owners is limited because the corporation is a separate entity.  Unlike an LLC, though, a corporation is taxed as a separate legal entity, and thus may be subject to double-taxation if profits are distributed to shareholders.
Funding: Investors are most willing to invest in corporations, and for certain investors (like VCs), a c-corporation is the only entity they are willing to invest in.

Administrative burdens: There are more formalities to a corporation, and thus there are more rules to follow.
An S-corporation is a corporation that elects to be taxed as a partnership (pass-through taxation).  However, there are only certain kinds of corporations that can make this election, so it is more limited than a C-corporation. Overall, there are a lot of considerations that go into deciding which corporation you wish to set up.  Among these, financing choices is usually one of the biggest driving forces. A common question for entrepreneurs launching a venture is when to form a legal entity such as a limited liability company or a corporation.  Before discussing when to form an entity, it is helpful to understand the risks associated with operating a venture without organizing into a formal legal entity.
Po zaakceptowaniu certyfikatu zalozycielskiego przez Sekretarza Stanu Delaware spólka oficjalnie juz istnieje i mozna ja odszukac w rejestrze. If the shareholders meet certain criteria they can choose to become an S corporation, and avoid the double-taxation of the C corporation. While LLC members do not need to create an operating agreement in order to be considered an LLC, it is crucial that you do have one, especially if you have multiple owners.  Partnership taxation is also more complex than corporate taxation. Also, if the corporation makes less than $50,000 the corporate tax rate is only 15%, which is often lower than an individual’s tax rate, and thus the taxes on the corporation may be less than the individual rate of LLC members.
For example, a corporation must set up a Board of Directors who must have annual meetings and take minutes.

If you wish to limit your personal liability, it is important to create an entity that provides limited personal liability (like an LLC or corporation).
In Delaware, a company can avoid the annual meeting through a written shareholder consent.  But, this also requires paperwork and communication with shareholders that most states do not require for LLC’s. W zwiazku z tym pelnoprawna C Corp moze zostac zalozona bez koniecznosci wniesienia do niej ani zlotówki.
Dodatkowo, podatkiem PIT opodatkowani sa akcjonariusze C Corp., jezeli wyplata dokonana zostanie w formie dywidendy.
Przed wyslaniem certyfikatu zalozycielskiego (articles of incorporation) nalezy sprawdzic dostepnosc danej nazwy na stronie internetowej Sekretarza Stanu Delaware.

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