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How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about. A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a unique serial number that is given to each car produced by its manufacture.
In 1980, a standard was set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and a 17 character VIN code has been used ever since. Since I, O & Q are not allowed in a VIN number, these digits are skipped in the year code. The 12th-17th digits are the actual serial number of the vehicle as designated by the manufacture.

Now, hopefully that long number on your registration and insurance card will make more sense. A quick trace of a VIN number can reveal ownership history, insurance claims, recall information and theft. North America is represented by numbers and the rest of the world is represented by letters. There was no standard for VIN numbers until 1980, so each manufacturer would have used their own format for VIN numbers prior to 1980. The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers.

The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing. The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification.

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