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A significant number of Michigan death records were added this week to the Death Records, 1897-1920 collection. More coming in the next few days, including the missing Detroit and Wayne County records from 1911.
While looking through the Bay City, Bay County Death Certificates, I found an April 7, 1917 entry for John Onzarzak.
Please let us know if you find a record with a transcription error, we want the index to be the best it can be. Being able to view an ancestor's official death record is very important as a primary source in doing the family tree.
Reminder that you could have an ancestor who never lived any length of time in Michigan, but for whatever reason died in that state.
Being able to view an ancestor’s official death record is very important as a primary source in doing the family tree.

Go to, Search, then click on United States, then on Michigan and you will get all the Michigan selections. Deidre ErinDecember 29, 2013 at 12:49 PMYou know that all records listed on GENDIS are fully available on Family Search under Michigan, Deaths, 1867-1897.
Given Myers’ architectural achievements, it is interesting that his death certificate does not indicate his occupation.
The list below details what records are currently available; [incomplete] means that particular county (or Detroit) is not yet fully loaded, not that the whole run of counties listed is incomplete. Not only to have birth and death dates listed on the document, but person who provided information on the decease as well as what the person died of.
Remember that the Library of Michigan will be regularly adding records in the coming weeks, so check back often. You wouldn’t know it from his death certificate, but Myers was a leading American architect in the late 1800’s, designing dozens of buildings across the United States, including many here in Michigan.

The newest additions are death certificates for 1921 to 1939, all free to examine and download to your computer. Among his many achievements includes the Michigan State Capitol, the old Grand Rapids City Hall, Lansing High School, as well as the Colorado and Texas State Capitols.
For the years 1940 to 1952 an index of the records will be made available in the coming months.
With the new additions there will be some 2.6 million death records for those who died in Michigan from 1867 to 1952.

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