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Under federal law, tribes like the Seminoles are treated like sovereign nations, immune from most legal motions, and civil suits, and Florida open records laws don’t apply either. Tribal police chief Charlie Tiger, a former homicide detective, has closed his probe into the cause of Smith’s death, ruling out any foul play, while the Broward County Medical examiner, Dr. The Team Evil also asked for favors from the Florida authorities to redo the entire investigation for them (which didn’t work out so far).
Totally unrelated to the Florida case, it is so sad that someone like Virgie spawning a guy working for the FBI would make me, and surely many others, question those who are supposed to be the cream of the crop with hardly any bad seeds. Very interesting article about the Seminole Tribe trying to quash HKS’s subpeona for the police records.

It’s so unfortunate for Howard that he happened to be involved with someone who had such a horrible family and now he has to deal with this nightmare.
IMO Lin Wood wanted something from the tribe to show that o’quinn and or his associates ,employees worked in Florida a lot more than he claims. For example, when Virgie goes to the Bahamas, Florida or wherever, the Bahamians or whoever, need to show her the quickest way out to Texas.
Margie, I thought about OQ too when I saw how strongly the tribe objected to giving Howard the records. Stern tried to subpoena all police records related to the death of Anna Nicole Smith in the files of the Seminole Tribe of Hollywood, Florida, he didn’t get very far.

Where he got the methadone that killed him remains uncertain, but medical records show he struggled with a valium dependency and was hospitalized for depression two months before he met his mother in the Bahamas. 33064 (954) 946-2900 followed by burial at 1:45 pm in South Florida National Cemetery, Lake Worth, FL.

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