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I've usually gotten copies of death records directly from Cook County (at a cost of about $15 per, unfortunately).
I got a copy of a death certificate from Family Search that I think is my great grandmother.
I have been searching for the death record of Amelia (Emilia) Schweder who died in May of 1914. I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese and a master's degree in reading instruction, but for the past ten years, I've focused on helping people locate genealogical records for Chicago and Cook County research.

The death record form that was used in Cook County changed over the years and the early records--no matter who you get them from--didn't ask for parent names. I found her obit in the Chicago Examiner (thanks to your post on the Examiner at the CPL) but see no listing of her on Family Search. I knew that from 1908-1915 there are two sets of records for Chicago--but I had never really compared certificates from both sets before.I believe the first record, the one with hurried handwriting stamped with numbers and a date, is the original, and the handwritten number in the top right corner is the certificate number--the one you find in the online index--and that's how those records are arranged. I think the second record is a copy of the original probably made at the Cook County Clerk's Office.

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