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First victim is found: Reginald Weeks, the bodyguard Eve had pounded on earlier, is found in the hotel stairwell, beaten to death. Peabody outlines for Detective Angelo why Vinter’s death was most likely not a self-termination, but a homicide.
Crowley gives Dean the scythe before the two go to Chicago to find Death, telling him it is believed to be capable of killing Death himself. Although obviously not Death's scythe, a very similar weapon can be seen on the table in the basement of Rufus's cabin when Dean takes Kevin Tran there in 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Skinner that Vinter is dead, which upsets her, as Vinter was her and her husband's goddaughter.

According to Crowley, this scythe can kill reapers, demons and angels[2] Crowley also told Dean and Sam that according to current rumors, this weapon can kill Death. Alastair hints that it belongs to Death and uses it to kill one of the two reapers in an attempt to break one of the 66 Seals. At the last moment, Dean turns the scythe on Death himself, impaling him through the side, killing him.
Armed with the scythe, Dean nervously tries to ambush Death in a Chicago pizzeria, but the handle begins to burn in Death's proximity and Dean drops it. Death thanks him for returning the scythe, which moves from its position on the floor beside Dean to lying on the table near Death's right hand without Dean seeing it move. What is remarkable, though, is how themadness transcends gender, class, age, ethnic boundaries, producing amonstrous parody of the melting-pot ideal, a nation connected by insanity.In this catalogue of death and disease, the one life-force is ironically awindow-breaker, a highly educated former teacher who is possessed by theurge to smash every window she comes across.

Wisconsin Death Tripfails, however in trying to convince us that Black River Falls hasn’tchanged since the 1890s. Manyperpetrators of these calamitous acts are dealt with by simply lockingthem away in the local insane asylum. Mundane elements of work, love, marriage,and simple existence in the American North are swept up in an undercurrentof darkness that reminds the viewer that history is not all presidents,education, and industry.

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