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Please Note that you are viewing the non-styled version of the Ohio Committee For Severe Weather Awareness website. The National Weather Service (NWS) is responsible for issuing severe weather watches, warnings and advisories to alert the public when dangerous weather conditions are expected.
Watch - A weather watch means there is the potential or conditions exist for a dangerous weather event.
Short Term Forecast - A short-term forecast describes the weather in the local area and includes a short-range forecast (usually not more than six hours). Heat Index (Apparent Temperature) - A measure of human discomfort due to the combination of heat and humidity. Tornado Watch - A tornado watch outlines an area where conditions are favorable for the development of tornados in and close to the watch area. Excessive Heat Warning - An excessive heat warning is issued when heat indexes will generally reach 105 degrees or higher for a period of two hours or more. High Wind Warning - A high wind warning is issued when sustained winds (not of thunderstorm origin) are predicted to reach 40 mph or greater for at least one hour, or any gust of wind is expected to be 58 mph or greater.

River Flood Warning - A river flood warning is issued for specific communities or points along a river where flooding is imminent or occurring.
Wind Advisory - A wind advisory is issued when sustained winds are expected to be between 31 and 39 mph for an hour or more, or any instantaneous wind gust between 46 mph and 57 mph is expected.
For a more detailed glossary of weather terms, consult the National Weather Service Glossary, with information on more than 2000 terms, phrases, and abbreviations used by the NWS. Thunderstorms can produce damaging winds, deadly lightning, large hail, flash flooding and tornadoes. It is a more accurate measure than air temperature alone for estimating the risk of heat and its effects on human physiology. These colored bands differ slightly from those appearing in the NOAA Heat Index chart, which was developed for the public.
A flash flood watch is issued for the potential of rapid flooding that is usually caused from torrential downpours, dam breaks or the breakup of ice jams. This enhanced wording may also accompany severe thunderstorm watches for exceptionally intense and well organized convection wind storms.

It is also used for short duration non-thunderstorm events such as a strong cold front, gravity wave, squall line, etc., lasting less than 2 hours and producing winds or gusts of 34 knots or greater.
The warning may be issued when a tornado is either indicated by Doppler radar or sighted by trained spotters. This tornado warning is reserved for situations when a reliable source confirms a tornado, or there is clear radar evidence of the existence of a strong, damaging tornado, such as the observation of debris. Derechos are typically produced by a thunderstorm complex, where the thunderstorms become organized on a scale larger than the individual storms and form a convective system.

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