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Dawn Chambers is currently Don Draper's secretary at the Sterling Cooper & Partners advertising agency.
During a late night at the office, Peggy Olson finds Dawn sleeping there and she reveals that she has been sleeping there some nights because of the riots occurring in the city. After Don decides to head to California he dictates the memo to Dawn, without realizing that it would directly effect her. Dawn continues to handle Don's correspondence in her new role, although she doesn't have time for some of his more unusual requests. Peggy invites her to sleep at her apartment, but after a moment at Peggy's where Peggy appears to have misgivings about leaving Dawn in the same room with her purse, Dawn leaves.

Dawn talks about wanting to get married, but says it's impossible to find a husband at her job. The company decides to hire a secretary, and after the male jobseekers are dismissed, the women, including Dawn, submit their resumes.
Joan Holloway finds out and attempts to fires Scarlett but leaves Dawn's fate up in the air, that night she vents to Nikki about how stressful the office is.
After an awkward attempt by Joan to console her, Dawn tells Don that she wishes to remain at work. Dawn stands up for herself, telling Lou that it is his own fault she was not at her desk when Sally arrived, since she had to go shopping to buy his wife some perfume because he didn't do it himself – despite Dawn's reminders of his wife's upcoming birthday.

Joan, highly annoyed by Lou's intransigence, reassigns Shirley (whom Peggy had asked to be reassigned) to Lou, and puts Dawn at the reception desk.

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