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Henderson reports that he and Jackson continued to walk southbound on the sidewalk in the 1000 block of Grand Avenue at which time Henderson stated they cut between two cars.
Investigators further report he had an opportunity to speak to Daimon Jackson and that initially Jackson stated he had no knowledge of the incident that took place in the 1000 block of Grand Avenue but that that Jackson ultimately indicated that he was part of the robbery and shooting incident. Henderson stated he went toward the car where Murry was located and Jackson went to the car where Carter was standing. Travenn Webster 24 of Racine is being held on $100,000 and Daimon Von Jackson Jr 25 of Milwaukee is being held on $100,000 cash bond.

Henderson stated that the person that he was going toward panicked and began to pull off and then he heard Jackson scuffling with Carter at which time he heard two gunshots.
Henderson stated that he had observed a handgun that Jackson had possessed earlier in the evening and Jackson passed the handgun to him. Henderson stated that he then freaked out and proceeded to run eastbound through the yards in the 1000 block of Grand Avenue where he met up with Daimon Jackson and Travenn Webster and his vehicle. Henderson stated that he handed the gun back to Jackson who then had it on him during the robbery incident.

Henderson stated that he and Jackson walked eastbound on 10th Street to Grand Avenue at which time they observed two individuals on the east side of the street subsequently identified as Maurice Carter and the witness.

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