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Gary Tramontina Dale Hightower of Sand Springs, Okla., hopes to make a second Classic appearance.
Dale Hightower, George Crain and Josh Polfer have all made it to the Classic in the last two years, and all three are so anxious to get back that they took the Top 3 spots for the first day of the three-day championship. Hightower bested the rest of the field today with a 16-pound, 1-ounce showing, ahead of second-place Crain by 1 pound, 3 ounces. Hightower traveled to Alabama at the beginning of this month to practice on Wheeler Lake before the cutoff, which was Oct. Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod, Kantor serves clients throughout the state of Florida and has offices located in the major cosmopolitan strongholds of Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa. 24 of 58Ed HarpDale Hightower, winner of the 2012 Cabela’s Bassmaster Federation Nation Central Divisional, will be fishing in his second championship.
If it holds up as the biggest bag of the tournament, Hightower will take home a Lowrance HDS-7 Touch worth $1,599. Hightower has been a trial lawyer for 31 years and has tried over 225 jury trials all over the state of Florida with a 90% success rate (defense verdict or less than pre-trial offer). Hightower’s accomplishments have been recognized by prestigious legal organizations and he has received many awards from different sources.

Hightower was elected Florida Student Bar President and participated each year in the school’s mock trial competitions. Hightower represented Avis in a suit where the alleged Plaintiff had C 3-4 Laminectomy as a result of the admitted negligence of the Avis renter. Hightower represented the Marriott hotel chain in a suit where Plaintiff had a lumbar discectomy and a recommended future lumbar fusion, allegedly as a result of a slip and fall on a landing ramp. Hightower represented Burger King Corporation in a suit where Plaintiff claimed she spent a week in the hospital as a result of food poisoning from eating a bacteria infested croissant. Hightower represented Waste Management in a case wherein Plaintiff was hospitalized and underwent a cervical fusion due to two fractured vertebra as a result of a collision with a Waste Management truck. Hightower represented an insured bar in a suit where the Plaintiff was shot in the groin by a patron of the bar.
Hightower represented Taco Bell in a case where the Plaintiff claimed she tripped and fell on a defective parking stop and sustained three fractured ribs and knee surgery.
Hightower represented an insured driver whose van collided with the rear of the Plaintiff’s motorcycle killing him. Hightower represented an 18 wheeler semi driver who rear ended the Plaintiff and allegedly caused her to have a lumbar disectomy with fusion.

Hightower represented Burger King Corporation in a negligent security case where the Plaintiff was robbed while inside restaurant.
Hightower represented on insurer of commercial property wherein the Plaintiff claimed she tripped over a defective expansion joint in the Defendant’s parking garage.
Hightower represented Marriott wherein Plaintiff fell and sustained a complex wrist fracture as a result of a defective fence. Hightower is a refrigerator contractor, and in his spare time, he golfs, hunts, plays poker and spends time with his family.
Hightower handles various types of construction cases and  other litigation matters for the firm. Hightower was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Delray Beach National Little League and is also head basketball coach for Delray Beach Upward League. Hightower's accomplishments have been recognized by prestigious legal organizations and has received many awards.

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