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The British-based Cult Information ­Centre and the Family Survival Trust have both confirmed that they have received complaints about Mrs Denton’s group.Mr Curtis met Fiona — who now goes by the spiritual name of Fiananda — while both were serving in the RAF. But according to the family friend who spoke to the Mail this week, it was the couple’s ­departure from the Armed Services that led them towards Denton’s organisation.
Denton herself was born into a Roman Catholic family in ­November 1930, in Knowle near Solihull in the West Midlands.

If I wish to leave the centre I will be free to do so but without the trust having to return anything to me.’But, by that time, as 53-year-old Mr Curtis told Cardiff Civil Courts of Justice this week during a battle to win back his home, he had been ‘brainwashed’. It was about being part of an organisation.’Fiona Curtis was the first to express an interest in Denton’s group. And when she tried to sue Denton’s group in a bid to recover some of the money they had lost, Dr Azaz spoke against his wife in court, ­rejecting any suggestion that she had been subject to undue influence. In the end, Mrs Azaz settled out of court for around ?1million in ­damages and costs and, working as a poet and an artist, began a new life for herself in Bath.

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