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The holocaust marred our history with darkness and the Nazis, one of the biggest threats between 1933 and 1945, that wanted nothing less than world domination. From sadistic serial killers to mobsters who lived like royalty, we look back at 10 of the worst criminals ever to terrorise America. A rare example of a female serial killer, Aileen Wuornos was the daughter of a schizophrenic sex criminal and a mother who abandoned her as a child. Dawood Ibrahim heads the huge crime syndicate D-Company, whose interests extend to all areas of criminal activity imaginable – from drug trafficking to contract killings.
Felicien Kabuga finasiroval one of the worst genocides in human history – the massacre of 800,000 Rwandans from the Tutsi and Hutu tribes in 1994.

Whether your belief is that the world evolved or it was created, crime is as old as the history of man.
Such cowardice criminals deserve not less than a hang to death,its so unfortunate that some of them ends up in freedom after serving a jail term. This is a load of codswallop – Jesse James was a vicious criminal and there's no evidence he robbed for anyone other than his own gang. In recent years the LRA has lost its historical strength as a result of the combined action of armies of Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo with support from the UN. However, among these criminals are others who were more dangerous and lethal than most criminals you have ever heard.

He was never caught, but he died on the operating table during a plastic surgery procedure that was intended to change his identity so that he could escape the DEA and Mexican authorities, making him an undisputed badass, and probably the richest smuggler in history. in bangladesh
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