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Three volumes of bound criminal records are among thousands of Section 9 records released by Public Record Office Victoria this year. The criminal record of a woman jailed for having more than one husband is among thousands of World War II-era files opened to the public today by the Victorian archives.
Italian criminal Antonio Barbara was convicted of manslaughter for slitting the throat of Edith Praetz in 1936. When a Brisbane artist decided to paint murals on some defunct silos in regional Victoria, he had no idea of the questions they would create.
Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews speaks about legislation regarding pardons following party caucus meetings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, June 16, 2010.
OTTAWA -- Applications for criminal record suspensions, formerly known as pardons, have plummeted since the Conservative government finalized tough new rules last spring.
The end result is a dramatic drop in the number of former convicts who are able to put their criminal past behind them and start anew. And sharply restricting the number of former offenders who are able to bury their past has ramifications: a record suspension can help the recipient get a better job or travel abroad, and is considered a powerful incentive not to reoffend.

As of the 1st of January, hundreds of records relating to Victoria’s history have been made public as part of Public Record Office Victoria’s annual opening of officially closed records.
Under Section 9 of the Public Records Act 1973 files of a personal or private nature are closed for up to 99 years to prevent the violation of personal privacy. The Head Nurse’s Daily Report Book from Kew Mental Hospital’s Female Wards is also an interesting record detailing activities within the mental hospital from the year 1940. Records primarily concerning adults may be closed for 75 years from the year in which the records were created. Records concerning children as the primary subject of the record may be closed for 99 years from the year in which the records were created. Records such as staff records where the individuals concerned may still be in the workforce may be closed for a lesser period such as 30, 40, or 50 years as appropriate. Also among the records kept from public view for 75 years is official correspondence recommending a murderer be spared the death penalty and daily logs from the women's wards of the Kew Asylum.
Records give glimpse of WWII-era justice Three large bound volumes containing the criminal records of released Victorian prisoners have also been opened.Mr Martin said the files were originally sent to South Australia so that police there had a record of any former inmates who may have moved across the border.

The records are of particular interest to family historians waiting on files that mention members of their family tree. Director and Keeper of Public Records, Justine Heazlewood, said this year’s openings provide us with an insight into parts of Victorian history which have been obscured for many years. From 1915 Children’s Court and ward registers to 1940 asylum records, criminal trial briefs and capital case files – through these annual openings we can find out more about ourselves and our past,” said Ms Heazlewood. File calls for murderer's life to be sparedAmong this year's released records is a capital case file, submitted by premier Albert Dunstan to governor Winston Dugan in March 1940, recommending a death sentence passed on 19-year-old Morris Ansell be commuted to life imprisonment."It's about a centimetre thick, and there's just a swathe of reports," Mr Martin said. A report from Victoria Police appears to blame Mrs Atherton for her husband's murder, even though it was Ansell who shot Mr Atherton in the head.

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