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New York, Feb 27 : The UN Security Council late Saturday unanimously approved sanctions against Libya, including an arms embargo and the referral of the situation to International Criminal Court. The council voted 15-0 to adopt Resolution 1970 imposing a comprehensive arms embargo, a travel ban and freeze of assets on the Gaddafi regime.
Council members called for the full implementation of the sanctions in an effort to stop Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi from further killing civilian protesters seeking his ouster. Some council members, including the US, Britain, Germany and France, spoke in favour of the move to refer to the International Criminal Court the killing of civilians by Gaddafi's forces in the repression of pro-democracy protesters. Shalgham asked the council not to apply sanctions against those who have resigned their positions or abandoned Gaddafi. Council members said in speeches following the adoption of the resolution that they welcome the swift response in reaction to the killing in Libya by Gaddafi's forces. The council called for an immediate lifting of restrictions "on all forms of media" and for the safety of foreign nationals to be assured and their departure facilitated. Germany's UN Ambassador Peter Wittig praised the council's "swift and decisive" adoption of the resolution. She said the US supports the referal of "egregious human rights violations" in Libya to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The reference was a sticking point in the resolution because it had been opposed by China and some other council members.

Shalgham had signed a letter to the council confirming that the Libyan delegation in New York supports move, helping to sway support for the resolution. All governments to enact effective implementing legislation ensuring that they can prosecute the crimes before national courts and cooperate fully with the Court. The Assembly of States Parties made up of countries that have ratified the Rome Statute to provide full support and oversight of the Court.
All governments to cooperate fully with the Court in investigating and prosecuting the crimes. The Court to investigate and prosecute crimes in accordance with the highest standards of international justice. The Court has the authority to investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes when national authorities are unable or unwilling to do so. As the "Terminator" Bosco Ntaganda awaits transfer to The Hague, the Obama administration must reaffirm its commitment to the International Criminal Court.
Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki carries documents with the title page “State of Palestine: Submission to the International Criminal Court” as he enters the ICC in The Hague. If the Palestinians were seen as referring cases­ against Israel, that could trigger congressional ire — and real consequences.
They said the sanctions were a "clear signal" of the unity of the council in opposing the use of force against civilians.

The Court therefore acts as a catalyst for states to fulfill their primary obligations to investigate and prosecute the crimes. Security Council asks the ICC to open an investigation; or (d) a country voluntarily accepts ICC jurisdiction.
Only one country, the United States of America, has actively to limit the Court’s jurisdiction and to prevent other countries from cooperating with it.
Check out our global campaign to help ensure that everyone has access to their sexual and reproductive rights and to stop criminalization of sexuality and reproduction by governments.
Congress could withhold $400 million that the United States annually provides for aid projects in the West Bank. The Court only has jurisdiction over crimes committed after July 1st, 2002, when the Rome Statute entered into force. However, its opposition has diminished significantly in recent years as the work of the Court has shown the US government’s concerns to be unfounded. It must rely on the cooperation of national police services to make arrests and hand over suspects to the Court.

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