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The UAE allows marriages to take place with in its borders even if the people getting married are not citizens.
Dubai follows Islamic laws of marriage and the Nikah is a valid marriage contract in Shariah law.
For people who wish to go the courts in person the government of Dubai is building the Dubai Personal Status Courts Complex in Al Garhoud. In order to acquire a marriage license in the UAE, expatriates  who are not Muslim will need to either get married in a church or at the embassy of their country of citizenship.
In case one of the married couple is divorced a final divorce document or previous marriage certificates should be presented. The marriage certificate will be in English if the marriage ceremonies were performed in the same language.
The marriage certificate needs more attestation starting with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), which will then be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).
For residents of Dubai who are both Muslim but not citizens of UAE the marriage procedure is different.
New couple may need to get the marriage certificate attested in order for acceptance in their home country.
Since Christian residents of Dubai do not need to follow Islamic rules of marriage they should make sure to do the following when getting married in Dubai. The couple will need to visit their respective embassies to get complete details of how to obtain a marriage license.

For marriages that takes place between different faiths where the male is non Muslim and the woman is Muslim, the groom will need to convert to Islam. However, the rules and laws are different for the many nationalities and religions present in the country.
This is important for people who are Muslim and wish to get married with in Dubai because they will need to do so in a Sharia court.
This means that the married couple exchanges vows in front of a judge and not in some religious  ceremony. These courts ares specifically meant to deal with issues relating to family, marriages, reconciliations, divorce and settlements. However, the paperwork can take almost four weeks so a couple must have valid permission to stay within the country long enough to get their documents ready. Further more, applicants for a marriage license will need to show valid birth certificate, passports and their photocopies, passports of the witness and also their photocopies, plus a UAE Medical Fitness Certificate and blood test from the Health Ministry. After all this, a married couple then needs get certifications from their respective embassies if they are citizens of different countries. This can be done by getting certifications from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the embassy of the country of the bride and groom.
The complete contract is under Sahriah law and the wedding takes place in the Marriage Section of the Islamic Courts.

In some cases the couple is of the same nationality but sometimes couple seeking marriage may be from different back grounds and countries.
In order to stay with in the rules and regulations of the country a couple that wishes to get married in Dubai should make sure they are following all the laws of the UAE or they will end up in trouble with the authorities. For non Muslim couples the laws of their home country will apply but they still need to register their marriage within the UAE. The local government has set up an online system for marriage applications and registration. The building is expected to be completed by 2013, and will have 15 court chambers, visitor areas and a wedding chapel. This can be done by an official translator and the document can be certified by the Notary Public at Dubai Courts. Furthermore, an agreement to the marriage will be required from the women's  brother or uncle.

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