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The collage above serves as the profile image for Coresa Breault's Facebook page.It includes multiple pics of Breault and Christopher Winters, with whom she's said to have been in a relationship since 2012. In an email to parents Friday morning, GHS Headmaster Christopher Winters said the current grade-weighting procedures, which give a 1-point boost to the GPAs of students in honors and AP courses, will remain unchanged for current students and incoming freshmen. During two forums held for parents Monday, Winters had presented a proposal that would give only a 0.5 boost for AP and honors courses, a change that would have impacted students currently in eighth grade.
Winters also said that starting in the 2012-13 school year, the honor roll and high honor roll would be determined using an unweighted GPA, and that beginning with ninth-graders next year, valedictorians and salutatorian would also be determined using an unweighted GPA.

Responding to questions from Greenwich Time, Winters said Friday that he and other administrators would take more time to study the issue. Winters had said he thought the changes would make it easier for students who only take regular classes to make the honor roll.
Even some students who think the system should be changed said they were happy that Winters is proceeding with caution. Junior Class President Hale McSharry said he thought Winters' proposal seemed reasonable, but understood the concerns because it wasn't really clear how college admissions officials would interpret the changes.

Raised by international College Counselor Judith Winters, Chris has worked with students for over 7 years.
Prior to receiving his degree from Cornell, Christopher attended and graduated from the Indian Mountain School and The Peddie School in 1995 and 1999, respectively.

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