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FILE - This June 6, 2013, file photo, shows a sign outside the National Security Administration (NSA) campus in Fort Meade, Md. Mr Mulligan was an independent driver, meaning he did not work with a taxi company from whom he would have taken fares over a radio and would have a record of passenger and pick-up details. Web and phone records disclosed to gov't tens of thousands of times a year with no oversight. Police are checking Bruce Jenner’s phone records amid claims he was texting at the wheel as his Cadillac Escalade ploughed into the back of another vehicle, leaving its driver dead. Photographs show the moment her car was rear-ended by Jenner’s black Cadillac Escalade, which was towing a dune buggy at the time of the crash.
Investigators are now trying to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the crash and plan to look at the mobile phone records of all four drivers and check for any video evidence, Sheriff Commander Michael Parker said. Their investigations will determine if Jenner, or any of the other three drivers involved in the collision, were texting or on their mobile phones at the time of the collision. Photographs showing the crash impact appear to show Jenner, who is dressed in a blue jumper with dark sunglasses on, with his left arm raised while behind the wheel. Photos from the immediate aftermath proved to be a chilling sight as a clearly shaken Jenner stands near wreckage of the crushed vehicle.

Investigators are now trying to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the crash and plan to look at the mobile phone records of all four drivers and check for any video evidence, sheriff’s Cmdr. In order to keep your expenses in check, it is important to know how to check cell phone records. Even if you have a plan that is suitable to your needs, there are other reasons why you would want to check your cell phone records.
Usually the easiest way to check your cell phone bill is to have the physical cell phone bill in front of you.
If you do not have a paper bill, you can usually log into your cell phone provider's website using your cell phone account.
Due to privacy laws and other legislation, it is typically not possible for the average citizen to request the cell phone records of another private citizen without their consent. If you want to check the cell phone records of your ex-spouse, for example, you'll need to ask him or her first.
Just as you should be keeping track of all your other bills, from the mortgage to Internet service, including your cell phone expenses as part of your monthly budget only makes sense. If you find that you are making most of your calls in the evening, it may be worthwhile to look into cell phone plans that include unlimited nights.

Most carriers, like Fido and T-Mobile, have an area on their websites where you can log into your account and check many features regarding your account. Instead of simply providing your aggregate usage, detailed billing will list every phone call you made, the number that was called, how long the call lasted, and other pertinent information.
Whether you're anxious to upgrade your phone or you want to improve the experience on your current device, this is the place to be. You only have a small window in which to dispute these charges, so be sure to check every bill every month for any mistakes that your wireless carrier may have made.
This can be very useful for tracking your phone usage and, in the instance of concerned parents, it could be a good way to know if your children are chatting with people that they should not. If you are consistently going over your monthly allotment, it may be a good idea to inquire about changing your cell phone plan. The government has been recently blocked from accessing five years' worth of phone call data the NSA collected under the bulk records program, which was disclosed by former agency contractor Edward Snowden.Graham said Sunday, "We are bringing down the NSA program at a time when we need to beef up our homeland security, we are gutting it.

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