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Vonage Mobile, a free app for iPhone and Android, allows users to make free app-to-app phone and video calls, send texts and share photos and location with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide. Vonage today launched new versions of their mobile app for both iOS and Android phones that feature free app-to-app calling and international calling rates that on average are 70 percent less than major mobile carriers and 30 percent less than Skype according to their release notes on iTunes.
Here's a screenshot showing your contacts with a Vonage "V" logo next to contacts that are a free phone call, with the ability to invite others as well:You do not need to be a Vonage phone service customer to use the app. When travelling overseas I’ve used a SIP client for my VOIP provider and also Skype between a number of countries. The fact that calls and SMS from Vonage app to Vonage apps are free makes this a great solution.
Two things to note, initial SMS invitations to download the app will be sent via your Telco’s SMS system so there may be a charge so be aware especially if it’s an overseas text and of course nothing’s really truly free (TANSTAFL ). This new Vonage app is worthless the old one let you call any number you wanted over wifi they just messed this app up now I will be deleting ! I have been trying to find information as to how he can use his cell phone without always being asked, “do you want to use Vonage or your cell phone carrier”, but can find NOTHING!
Also, if there is a CHARGE TO CALL ANY PHONE, OTHER THAN ANOTHER VONAGE USER, then THAT IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & A GREAT ANNOYANCE!! AND THAT CERTAINLY IS NOT CLEAR IN THE VONAGE INFO OR WHEN SPEAKING WITH THE VONAGE REPRESENTATIVES!!!! Everyone that I have spoken with from VONAGE says that it is used just like I was using my home phone to call any number in the USA or Canada, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, (other than minutes used by cell carrier IF one didn’t utilize a WiFi source).

Please refer me to answers either on Vonage sites or other sites to view & please respond to each of my comments or questions or concerns in my email. While it cost me $5 to have a long needed catch up with my best friend calling her mobile, I was surprised to hear she had paid over ?100 pounds to receive that phone call in the UK. I have the old tried and true landline phone, a DSL internet connection from the same company (CenturyLink). If I went with the Vonage service, I see they have a new app for IOS Apple and Android phones.
What's nice about their mobile app is it lets you talk and text worldwide for FREE with anyone else who has the app. Whether you’re at home, at a friend’s house or in a hotel room, you’ll enjoy the freedom to make and receive calls, check your voice mail, make free calls to any Vonage number, and perform PC-to-PC communication.
Phone calls via Vonage will count towards your internet downloads or 3G download and whether this is a concern will depend on what Telco plan you have in place. When speaking with Vonage representatives, I was told that one could use the cell phone with extension just as one would use Vonage at home, NOT CHARGED FOR ANY CALL THAT WAS NOT VONAGE TO VONAGE! I am currently in Canada and can find no advertisement of the price it will cost the receiver of non Vonage mobile customers. I thought I should make clear that I am using the Vonage mobile app and I buy my credit as and when required.
I have a limited plan with AT&T and I made an internation phone call using my vonage app.

Importantly, it uses your mobile number as your caller ID, which is another value-add that not all mobile VoIP apps provide.
You’ll also be able to participate in IM sessions, manage and update your contact list, and check your call history. It was easy to add credit and that allowed me to call land lines and those friends who did not have Vonage on there mobiles. After my 45 mins call through vonage app, when I checked the data usage from previous day it was 40 MB more. It also offers easy in-app purchasing through your iTunes or Android Market account to charge-up our account.Another nifty feature is that you can check the calling rates for any number in your address book directly within the app. Over the next few hours, Julie and Ian from The Gadgeteer and Butch created Vonage Mobile accounts and showed up in my contacts as people I can call or text for free.  By clicking on the blue Free Calls button at the top of the screen, I can see a list of just the other Vonage Mobile or Vonage home service people. There’s a keypad so you can dial numbers directly without first having to create a contact. A special note about app-to-app calling:  Using the new mobile apps with the latest innovations in VoIP technology, you can make app-to-app calls to other Vonage Mobile users with “high-definition” audio quality for free, worldwide. A big feature of the Vonage Mobile is the free app-to-app international long-distance calling, so I had to try that out for the review to be complete.  Ian Lim, another Gadgeteer writer who lives in Australia, very kindly agreed to download the Vonage Mobile app to his Android phone and participated in several calls with me.

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