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Countimator is a simple yet highly customizable jQuery counter plugin which allows you to count up to a target number with custom styles. We all are aware of the uses of jQuery, which is a powerful and cross-platform JavaScript library for front-end development. Here, I have listed down a list of 12 jQuery plugins that can simplify the form validation process.
Validate is a useful jQuery plugin for client-side form validation that comes with a built-in set of validation methods, such as URL and e-mail validation.
Validity is a jQuery plugin for performing validation and controlling appearance of messages. When materials are being created in the transaction MM01 this is jumping the range of numbers; The assigned material number  took place immediately after a new process of building materials and the system internally assigned material number leaving a range of important material numbers vacant. Check again table MARA with transaction SE16, as you can see the number range is not updated.
Create a new material master and save it , as you can see the number assigned to this new material is 1702 (when in the table th last number range was 1665).

Check again table MARA with transaction SE16, as you can see the System correctly assign the number range 1702 (jumping the number ranges for the materials not saved).
The System behavior which you are reporting is correct and is accepted as of release 4.x for internal numbering. Setting 'no buffering' (as explained in note 62077) will not prevent lost of  Material number. Also comes with a 'wheel' plugin which allows to display the number counter like an animated wheel. The plugin allows validations for email, phone, checkboxes, numbers and URL as well as complex calls such as Ajax processing or custom JavaScript functions. It offers a range of options for validating various input fields, such as empty spaces, check boxes, numbers, decimals, dates, phone numbers and more. It offers special features to validate first two digits or last digit and restrict input to a particular number of digits.
You can validate several types of input fields, such as email address, password, phone number, date, URL and more.

It offers a list of built-in validation actions for checking alphabets, numbers, e-mail address, image file extensions, date, URL and more. It can be used as a plain JavaScript, as a jQuery plugin and even as an Angular JS directive.
Since Rel.40A the System fetches the next internal number from number range at start of transaction MM01. With, you can build and validate various input fields, such as bank account number, branch number and more. It is not possible to use the same number twice, also after you have cancelled the transaction.

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