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Charles attended high school during the early 1960s, a time when African-Americans were specific targets of racial discrimination; he also lived in Virginia, where the discrimination was especially strong. In 1978, after receiving a letter from Audrey, who confessed to her lie, Charles snapped and murdered two of the men who attacked him as a teenager, beating them to death and mutilating their genitalia.
In the episode, Charles and Lyle return home from their work to find the BAU and police searching the family house and digging up the backyard, having found two of Charles's victims that were exposed after a drainage pipe exploded and flooded the backyards of several houses in the neighborhood.
During the 1978 murders, Charles targeted the men who were involved with his abduction and castration, while during the 2003 murders, he targeted the daughters of the men he was unable to seek revenge on due to their deaths through other causes. Charles is the third unsub in the series to have a 25-year cooling-off period, the second-longest cooling-off period as featured in the show's history. When his wife left him for another man, Charles's already unstable condition presumably worsened, and he soon descended into a religious fanaticism.
After Charles's death, Tobias began to take on his personality, as well as a third personality named Raphael which caused him to begin his serial killings. However, the BAU arrived and when Reid realized they were there, he pretended to be too weak to keep digging, angering Raphael and causing the Charles personality to take over again. Violent offender Charles Bronson was asked to star in ITV’s reality jungle show should he ever be freed from jail. The news comes as Charles Bronson announced the death of his name – which he wants changed to Charles Salvador as a tribute to the surrealist painter. Charles Milles Manson was the leader of the Manson Family cult, which was responsible for a series of murders in the 1960s.
Charles Holcombe was a prolific serial killer who appeared in Season Two of Criminal Minds. When Charles' father died last year, he inherited the family's meat-packing plant and a substantial amount of money.
After killing 64 victims, Charles had Steven bring him a prostitute named Maggie, whom he tortured like the rest of the victims. Charles' surname, Holcombe, is coincidentally the name of the small town in Kansas where Dick Hickock and Perry Smith killed the Clutter family. Notoriously known as Britain’s most dangerous criminal, Charles Bronson is the ideal candidate for a biopic. Whilst having 40 years experience in most facets of the law and their respective jurisdictions, Charles Waterstreet's passion lies within the criminal law realm.  Charles Waterstreet's aptitude for examination of evidence coupled with his natural flair for advocacy provides suitable representation for difficult cases. Charles asks Tina, who is protesting against the search, what is wrong, and she tells him about the skeletons found in the backyard and that the entire family is being put under suspicion. Then, as Charles eats, he tells him about his experiences as a teenager, in which he was bullied and racially discriminated since he was Italian.
After his death, he would appear in flashbacks and as an alternate personality of Tobias in Season Two of Criminal Minds.

Charles would severely physically abuse his son, Tobias, constantly spouting scripture and taught him that evil must always be punished. In 1955, he married a waitress who carried his son, Charles Jr., and made a living of low-wage jobs and car thefts.
If you have a legal question regarding criminal law in Birmingham, be sure to call into the show on Sunday night.
After being given his victims by Steven, who picked them up with a van using some simple ruse such as pretending to be a Social Services employee, Charles would torture them indirectly both mentally and physically by placing them inside the basement of his meat packing plant and giving them a few hours to find their way out, all the while watching them attempt to escape on a TV connected to the surveillance cameras inside the plant.
Both Sweeney Todd and Charles kill to clean up the "vermin of the world", as Todd puts it, though Todd's main target is elsewhere.
They were under the assumption that he raped a fellow schoolmate named Audrey Collins, who was the half-sister of Karl Beck, one of Charles's assailants.
Taking advantage of this, Charles taunts him with racial slurs and asks him to tell him about an experience in which he bullied someone of another race, to which Rossi tells him about one time in high school where he was pressured by several white members of the baseball team he was also a part of to shove a fellow African-American player into a locker, urinate on him, and then leave him locked inside for the night, which Rossi did.
The Charles personality, clearly just as disturbed as the real Charles Hankel, apparently agreed with what the Raphael personality was doing and occasionally beat Tobias up (technically beating himself up, though Tobias was the one who felt it) whenever he dared to argue with what Raphael had done. Charles then tortured Reid just as the real Charles Hankel had once tortured Tobias in retribution.
When the BAU arrived, Charles was distracted and Reid seized the opportunity to grab his gun. According to family members, she once even sold Charles to a waitress for a pitcher of beer, though he was retrieved by an uncle shortly afterwards. Charles took her to an operating room where he tried to kill her, but was interrupted when Hotch, Prentiss, Morgan, and a SWAT team burst into the room, having deduced him as the unsub after apprehending Steven, who identified him.
However, in 2003, when Lyle began dating a schoolmate named Mary Ann Beck, who turned out to be the daughter of one of the men who died before he could get to him, Charles snapped again at the fact (plus the fact that his son was dating a Caucasian woman) and murdered her in the same manner as his 1978 victims. Rossi then tells him that he changed, citing that one of his ex-wives and a friend of his were African-American, but Charles taunts him about the incident before grabbing his soft drink and aggressively tossing it at Rossi, spraying him and the one-sided window with liquid. Charles once burned a cross into Tobias' forehead with a red hot poker for not following "the path of the Lord", and even once almost drowned him during a "baptism" in the bathtub. After Reid and JJ arrived at the Hankel house, Tobias fled, and Charles, angry at him for not standing and fighting, began to beat him up, (again, technically beating himself up) while Reid listened from a distance. Later, Raphael got frustrated at Reid which caused the Charles personality to take over again.
Charles, again, apparently not aware that he and Raphael were the same person, told Reid that there was one bullet in the gun, but all three were "shot" anyway.
Steven would pick up potential victims for Charles and bring them to him, to which he would then place them in the meat-packing plant, torture them by allowing them to run around the plant and fall into his traps, and then kill them. If they didn't make it out in time (and it appears no one did), Charles would sedate them by releasing gas using the plant's ventilation system, strap them to a stainless steel table, butcher them alive with an electric saw, all the while recording the murder, and then use the tape to torment future victims with.

When Reid was distracted by the sound of JJ shooting Tobias's dogs dead, Charles punched him and took his gun, and ordered to Tobias to shoot him. Charles and Raphael were killed instantly: Tobias just had time to thank Reid for killing them before he too, died. She was briefly married to one William Manson, who was listed as Charles' birth father on the birth certificate and gave him his name.
Maggie demanded to see his face, which prompted Morgan to remove Charles's surgical mask, revealing his bloody visage. Charles kept the dismembered limbs (and presumably other body parts) in his "Kill Room" and the shoes of his victims, presumably as trophies, in a room near the meat plant's exit.
For the rest of his life, Charles grew up taking testosterone pills and being resentful of the men who attacked him. However, when Lyle is let off the hook after the body of one of his 1978 victims, identified as James Moses, is found, the focus of the investigation then shifts to Charles after his stash of testosterone pills is found. Later on, when Garcia finds out about Charles's castration attack and the motivations behind it, Rossi confronts Charles about it and then threatens to tell Lyle that he isn't his son. On August 2006, Tobias finally succumbed to Charles's orders and killed him as an act of mercy, later placing his body in a walk-in freezer under the family house. After Tobias revived Reid via CPR and drugged him to ease the pain Charles had caused him, Charles heard Reid mumbling in his sleep while dreaming about his mother, who Reid had had condemned to a mental institution due to her schizophrenia. Charles later became enraged when he read a newspaper article announcing Detective Cal McGee's receiving of an award for Charles's work, since McGee was assigned to supervise the areas where Charles's victims disappeared in.
She then looked at Charles's face and said "I won" just before he slowly bled out from his wounds and died. Then, Charles became inactive, spending the rest of his years until 2013 working as the founder and head of his construction company, J&J Contractors, alongside Lyle.
Intimidated by this, Charles decides to write out a confession in exchange for silence about Lyle's true heritage. When Lyle is exonerated, these statements cause the BAU, who shift their focus on Charles, to believe that racism might be a key factor to the killings. Growing up, Charles was a quiet loner who often moved to and from different temporary residences with his mother.

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