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Yet while the link between phones and tumors may have seemed certain to grow, a strange thing happened. During those same two decades, the radiation beamed by phones into American brains increased about 500-fold, in proportion to the wild growth in cell phone use. Yet Savitz also finds the utter lack of an increase in total brain cancer following the massive increase in (low-level) radiation very reassuring.
And yet, so far at least, all that talking hasn’t jacked up the overall incidence of brain cancer.

The ultimate answer to the question of whether cell phones cause brain cancer will only be definitively resolved after a few more decades in which the population’s radiation dose stabilizes at a high level and brain cancer rates either jump or continue to decline. Beginning in 1991 the rate of brain cancer incidence reversed course and began to slowly fall.
Most worrisome, it’s possible there is simply a huge delay between a person using a cell phone and that exposure causing a brain tumor.
It wouldn’t take many of those early adopters coming down with cell phone-caused brain cancer to bump up the cancer rates in 2008.

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