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But the stories behind their cells were always complicated and strange.The reason was that Cuba did not allow its citizens to legally own cell phones until 2008. That’s right, 2008 – 45 years after its invention, Cubans finally got a chance to own a cell.Prior to that, to have a cell phone meant you were either very high in or very important to the government, or you had an European or Canadian connection – a foreigner willing to get a phone and cell service in her name and let you use it. It was an exclusive club, and pulling a cell out in public elicited envy, awe, and not a little bit of fear.After 2008, though, cell phones have become ubiquitous.

Like in so much of the Third World, cell service in Cuba doesn’t require the wait for a land line, which can be months or even years.
The answer is that, at least officially, they can’t.And this is where the Cuban government, regardless of its staunch public posture against corruption (especially under Raul Castro), colludes with and counts on the country’s rich black market.

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