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It recently ruled that stops and search warrants based on anonymous tips are legal (seemingly opening the door to indefinite police harassment). The SCOTUS heard two cases in which warrantless cell phone searches played a crucial role in investigating and doling out long prison sentences to Americans. The case was tried in state court, so the appeal went to the The California Court of Appeal which denied the appeal and refused to suppress the smartphone evidence, upholding the conviction.
Now, thanks to the SCOTUS ruling, both men are free and our smartphones are a bit safer from warrantless searches. The Supreme Court was unanimous in its decision to give cell phones of all kinds special privacy protections. A decade ago police officers searching an arrestee might have occasionally stumbled across a highly personal item such as adiary. Allowing the police to scrutinize such records on a routine basis is quite different from allowing them to search a personal item or two in the occasional case. The court ruling was surprisingly resounding, deciding that virtually every argument raised by law enforcement to justify their warrantless tactics was illegal under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S.
Moreover, even though the search incident to arrest exception does not apply to cell phones, other case-specific exceptions may still justify a warrantless search of aparticular phone. The Chief Justice is relatively unequivocal that stronger protections are necessary, given the fact that cell phones play an unprecedented and sensitive role in the lives of most Americans.

The court acknowledged that defending the Constitution -- and our smartphones -- comes at a cost, but implies that the cost of the alternative (tyranny) is far higher.
Some common sense from the Supreme Court and not allowing warrantless searches of cell phones and not bowing down to Fuhrer Obama.
The difference being, with a general (warrant-less) search, the police could use any information found, previous to this SCOTUS decision.With a search warrant, they're forced to identify what type of information they're looking for, AND prove to the judge that they have due cause to expect to find it on the suspect's phone.
The Court does not even permit warrantless searches that are related to the reasons for an arrest.
The court held that the “exigent circumstances” exception to the warrant requirement also applied to cell phones – that is, imminent danger to life or the possibility that evidence would be destroyed might justify searching a phone without a warrant. That is to be expected from a man who, as attorney general, went to court to declare that Texas has sovereign immunity from the ADA.That is the same law that helps him get into the State Capital on his own, instead of being carried in by state troopers. Cell phones have become important tools in facilitating coordination and communication among members of criminal enterprises, and can provide valuable incriminating information about dangerous criminals.
Supreme Court combined both cell phone cases and ruled that police cannot search suspects' cell phones without first obtaining a warrant. The government has countered that those same technological advancements aid criminals, and that remote wiping and encryption could be used to destroy or conceal evidence of serious crimes. Supreme Court after a major ruling on cell phone privacy by the court June 25, 2014 in Washington, DC.

At oral argument, the justices seemed split over where to draw the line for when police should seek a warrant to search a mobile device, and some seemed confused about modern social media applications.
Court for the District of Mass, so the appeal went to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, which sets precedent for Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island.
Their menial servants may enter, may break locks, bars, and everything in their way; and whether they break through malice or revenge, no man, no court may inquire. Today, by contrast, it isno exaggeration to say that many of the more than 90% of American adults who own a cell phone keep on their person a digital record of nearly every aspect of their lives—from the mundane to the intimate.
The critical point is that, unlike the search incident to arrest exception, the exigent circumstances exception requires a court to examine whether an emergency justified a warrantless search in each particular case. Such exigencies could include the need to prevent the imminent destruction of evidence in individual cases, to pursue a fleeing suspect, and to assist persons who are seriously injured or are threatened with imminent injury.

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