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You can run a Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Tracking to discover the owner of any cell phone or unlisted land line number. People can search this for your company name, or for keywords and descriptive text listed in your .tel domain name. The keywords used in your .tel name can include hobbies, job title, occupation and this is indexed by "Telpages" along with your location.
Phone directory – hamilton county courthouse, Sheriff jim neil is a lifelong resident of hamilton county.
Phone directory – newport news public schools, newport, Newport news public schools phone directory. I was under the mistaken idea apparently that it was illegal in the US to solicit to a cellphone number no matter what. If we ever find out everything about the connections between Obama & Rezko, Obama’s phone number just might be that of the Cook County Jail! So wait, you have to give them your drivers license number to get off this list so that they can then add you to another with the license info.

The quality of their service is questionable but it is still enough to keep debt collectors calling me about delinquent debts incurred by someone with a similar name.
One skill I luckily learned early in life is to never give your phone number to any company.
And verizon only cares about this because it undermines their business model of allowing individuals to publish, for a fee, their cell phone numbers in the yellow pages (plumbers, etc, want their wireless # in there). RCR Wireless News tested out the service and asked for the cellphone numbers of Barack Obama and the president of Verizon Wireless.
That city isn’t where your home address is, they will provide that if you pay 15$, that address is what town your cell phone company has their facilities in your area. The service provide seventeen numbers but none were right, and in Obama’s case, one of them was for the Cook County jail. You can actually get a LOT more info then just cell phone info if you are willing to pay the extra cash. As mentioned above I’m not about to pay them to see my own number but I will make the leap and guess that they culled it from somewhere.

Hence, why 5-10 years ago as cell phones were less prevalent people got non-local numbers sometimes just because the company didn’t have as many locales. Kicker of this is that I’ve ordered them in clear terms NOT to list me in their phone books. You can find a boat load of emails and addresses, names, numbers, etc just searching resumes online. I’ve never had any issues because of that, other then perhaps forgetting which fake number I gave. That one time you applied for a credit card, the one time you signed up for a store saver card, the time you put your cell phone on a credit app or some other referral list, it all ends up somewhere and is aggregated.

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