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It may be difficult to reach a person during an emergency if a call is made by a phone using a clone.
Though SIM cloning was easier with older models of cell phones and can still be technically done today, successfully completing a cloning is very difficult for some and virtually impossible for most. As attractive as obtaining a SIM clone may seem to individuals who desire to use two phones with one phone number, legal and technical difficulties should discourage any efforts to clone SIM cards. There is a legitimate reason to clone a SIM card: clone two sim cards into one so that you can switch numbers without switching SIM cards for a phone that doesn't support dual SIM cards. Vodafone Italy provides a second SIM with your number (a cloned SIM) for free if you are in their 'Top Club" as I am (other users have to pay 2-3 euros for it). When the cloning is completed, the cloned SIM card's identifying information is transferred onto a separate, secondary SIM card.
In the 1990s, companies that provided cellular services recognized the problems that SIM cloning presented and began to take measures to thwart the cloning business. Most of the technology currently available to facilitate cloning is meant to work only on older models of phones. It should also be noted that though using a clone can appear convenient in some respects, safety issues may also present themselves as a result of using the clone. We have a family plan with two phones and I am the account holder so I can log in and see the texts she sent to the person I believe is involved, but I can only see the timestamp.

However, I doubt people who clone phone SIM cards do it because they truly can't afford cell phone service.
I guess people will always think of new scams for new technology, but I think this one really takes the cake. It sounds like the purpose for cloning a SIM card would be to avoid paying for cell phone service.
This is called the "F1 Phone," coming at you in bright-red injection-molded plastic direct from non-Ferrari manufacturing China.
The secondary card can then be used in a different phone while having all calls and associated charges attributed to the original SIM card. New security measures such as embedding security operations make obtaining a SIM clone more difficult. Anti-tamper software on V2 of 3G SIM cards makes cloning new SIM cards and their corresponding devices a lost effort.
Law enforcement agencies may find it difficult to reach an injured or distressed party if an emergency call is made by a phone using a clone.
I was hoping I could clone my sim card that's in her phone and put it in mine so I would also get the texts sent to her at the same time and put an end to this. However, there are tons of affordable cell phone plans out there, and you could get in a lot of trouble for cloning a SIM card.
However, it sounds like that's pretty hard to do, so I doubt SIM cloning happens much these days.

You could install the app on both phones with the same phone number, and give that number to all your friends. Like the Italian exotic, the F1 Phone offers a lot of performance with its dual-band support, a 2.2-inch touch-sensitive LCD display, music player, video player, memory expansion slot, USB connectivity, flashlight, and a slew of other electronic goodies (including three pre-installed games, though not a single one involving driving).
The phrase SIM clone is often used to refer to the SIM card that has been successfully duplicated. Now, if a SIM card detects that cloning has been engaged, the SIM card can render itself inoperable. It seems like it would just be cheaper and easier in the long run to pay for your own phone service! That way, you don't have to mess around with SIM clone software. Honestly, in this day and age, there is really no legal reason to clone your SIM card.
Whereas a few years ago cloning could be done by radio, people must now have physical access to the original SIM card. All I want to do is clone my sim onto a nano sim in order to use my data allowance to its full.

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