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After posting impressive quarterly earnings, Bell and Telus have decided to speak out and demand the government block new entrants from using the cell towers they have put their money into during the past ten years (via Financial Post). According to Telus and Bell’s calculations, Verizon could have access to spectrum that was sold to new entrants at a 41% discount compared to the amount incumbents obtained network licenses.
Even Quebecor chief executive Robert Depatie has said that Verizon’s entrance onto Canadian soil would be catastrophic to regional players such as Videotron, since the entrants would end up empty handed. Well I’m certain that Verizon would have to pay for using the existing infrastructure until they built their own.
The more I read about Verizon the more I wish it was T-Mobile that the government was courting. All this talk from the Big3, especially Bell, after hearing more than a few radio ads pleading Canadians to think twice about job loss and being unfair, I say the only reason for Bell to take that side is that Bell knows every product they have to offer is a rip off. Quite hypocritical that these two are crying afoul when they both share towers between themselves. I’m pretty sure that the Big 3 already do tower sharing, at least in the less-densely populated parts of the country. If you qualify and are interested in making an impact in the tower industry, visit the website application here.
Verizon could threaten this expansion, since it would prompt incumbents to focus their energy on the battlefield, which, in this scenario, is the urban areas again.

Even if Verizon uses the cell-towers, they would still have to have plans and deals that are better than the Big3. It was required as a precondition of bidding on the AWS spectrum that the Big 3 had to share their tower space with the new entrants. The Feds seem to have wised up tot he tactics of the Big 3, and have adjusted the rules to make sure that new entrants can finally get onto the Big 3 towers.
The complete eligibility criteria are outlined on the official NWSA Board of Governors Tower Technician Nomination Application.
He is also responsible for the companies’ social media channels and writes a weekly news wrap-up on the tower industry, as well as occasional news stories and special event coverage, such as SxSW. For a deep-pocketed newcomer to cherry pick struggling wireless startups and start using the cell towers the incumbents have built. If Bell and TELUS are saying that they paid to build the towers, then surely they most own the towers and can decide themselves if they want to lease tower space to Verizon or force them to build their own. If the towers are free to have Verizon come in and hop on it, why hasn’t WIND gone cross Canada. However, as things worked out, the new entrants really never were able to get onto the Big 3 towers, and the Feds never really enforced that part of the AWS spectrum auction.
The longer range means that you can build out a network with fewer towers, which is a huge cost savings.

Verizon Wireless has until 2017 to take the initial research and introduce a way to take the concept and use it on cell tower coverage for data, navigation, surveillance and tracking.
The National Wireless Safety Alliance is accepting applications from qualified tower technicians to fill several available seats on the inaugural NWSA board of governors.
If they lease them, they more than likely have the right to refuse any potential user from getting onto the towers without their approval as part of the lease agreement.
In the real world, they never really did, but that was a failure on the part of the Feds to enforce the regulations. A single cell site can be set up a number of different ways to accommodate the number of anticipated users and anticipated environment. Plus, Verizon Wireless has been one of the only companies to assist the incredibly budget-constrained NASA in this undertaking.
For those unfamiliar, the NWSA is a nonprofit assessment and certification organization created to bring better education and safety to the tower industry. I can’t imagine Bell and TELUS would have paid to build a bunch of towers and then hand them over to government ownership.

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