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Fred Harding of Capitol Sales reviews Wilson Electronics' 841262 DB Pro Cell Phone Repeater System, putting it to the test in his home and at a local performing arts center.
Cell phone repeating systems consist of an external antenna, cabling, an amplifier, more cabling and a rebroadcasting antenna that lives inside the building.
Taking my trusty test phone out, I found that I had between four and five bars worth of signal throughout the auditorium. Going downstairs to the first floor, I got a bar or two less; others indicated similar results with different phones and different carriers.

It’s remarkably easy to qualify whether someone needs the product or not, and with cell phone use continuing to grow at a prodigious clip, demand is not likely to diminish for improving signal strength.
It has terrible cell phone reception, to the point where my wife and I changed carriers when we moved here three years ago.
The system works on the bands that are used in the United States, so if you have AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or some other carrier, you will be supported.
That means real network performance data and carrier comparisons have been almost impossible to calculate.

I was not able to have too many phones on the circuit at one time, but I tested in a town with a population of 68.

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