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The organisation now trading as HPI Limited, (HPI and HPI Check are trademarks of HPI Limited,) began trading in 1938 and are the original car history checking experts. Do NOT rely on a dealers vehicle history check or an old one that a private owner had when they first purchased the car. For the sake of twenty quid a car check can literally save you thousands of pounds, a stack of stress, and a lot of time.
To run a car check simply enter the registration number and then the mileage of the car you plan to buy.
Talk it over with your dealer, check their liability and get confirmation in writing that they will clear the finance on the vehicle BEFORE you buy it.
Unless (in the future) you are prepared to spend an immeasurable amount of money on an accident damaged car it would make no sense buying one. In fact if you were to buy an accident damaged car you’d want it to be one that has undergone all the proper independent Autolign-approved structural examinations that come from a resulting category C or D insurance total loss. HPI or any vehicle history check cannot tell you about every accident a car may have suffered!
Most car checking services will show you other information such as Plate Transfers, CO2 Ratings and other Vehicle Identity information, but what I’ve listed above is the essential data you must find out. Car check services only provide you with information that’s actually been recorded against the vehicle. They cannot tell you about any accidents a car may have suffered that haven’t been recorded! I have put together a Definitive Used Car Buying Guide that runs you through all the checks you need to carry out before buying a used car. Spotting accident damage and replacement panels is my primary target when buying used, and in the first module of my car guide I show you exactly how to do it.

You are here: Home › News & Press › Blog › Trade News › Used Car Advice Trading in a Lanos Update! Regular readers of our blog will remember Clare who asked us for some help choosing a car after she realised her Daewoo Lanos did not fit the bill after the birth of her first child.
After our good work with the Xsara we gave Clare another FREE Car History Check on a Suzuki Liana. We’ll check in with Clare again next week to find out if she proceeded with the purchase and how the vehicle is driving! If you would like to feature on this page – and get a Free Car History Check in the process – then send us an email for your chance to appear! Thank you for the information.I will recommend to anyone to check with cartell first before purchasing a car. Thank you Cartell for saving me from making a very expensive mistake on the first week of the new year. BEFORE you pay a penny of your hard earned cash out on a second hand motor make sure you run your own car check.
You can never fully know what a used car has endured and one vehicle history check can be massively different from another. The most important element to buying a used car is knowing if that car has been involved in accidents. This is a massive statistic and if a car lot has 100 cars for sale, statistically, 10 of those have a black cloud hanging over them. And believe me, I have heard many a car dealer brag at their exaggerated profits through car clocking campaigns.
They are things that I have learned over 25 years of buying and selling used cars and they are things the motor trade probably don’t want you to know.

Clearly it is not a problem if a car is imported but if it has less on the odometer 2 years later, that is! If you buy a car with outstanding finance (and the owner doesn’t settle the balance before you actually own the car) such as Higher Purchase, Lease Contract Hire or PCP (Personal Contract Hire) you will lose ownership of the car unless you pay off the outstanding balance.
It’s true that some written off cars can be allowed back on the road provided they have undergone certain car checks. Cars suffer huge impacts that can result in chassis bends, broken suspension arms, split seals, ruptured shock absorbers and the list goes on and on. It provides the best intelligence available to protect against clocking and will help you decide whether the car that’s showing a mileage of 46,000 may have actually covered 146,000 miles.
For more information on this get my Definitive Car Buying Guide that shows you how to tell if a car is genuine mileage or not.
So, in this case, our information showed this vehicle had 1 previous owner – the ideal number of owners for a used car.
This blog is a general guide only and is not recommending the purchase of any particular vehicle – just giving some general advice! However, the mileage on this vehicle seemed low to us and we recommend a full engineers inspection for the vehicle – or at least full service history records.

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