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Searching youtube screennames on Google Earth can give you the persons HOME LOCATION and PHONE NUMBER! Look what comes up when you search my backup channel screen name "dutchsinsereloaded" on Google Earth!  My home address, and location here in St. Above: Using google earth, searching youtube screen names returns this -- Dutchsinse comes up at CERN, Tatoott1009 shows home address and mobile number, Dahboo77 comes up at the CDC, Suspicious0bservers comes up at the Hilton in Pittsburgh, Sheilaaliens comes up at the Newtown Connecticut Police Station. More importantly than CERN coming up for my screen name, look what comes up for the OTHER popular channels on youtube!   Addresses , geolocations, and phone numbers!! In my case, when searching "dutchsinse" in the Google Earth search bar, we are taken directly to CERN. If you search out my backup channel Dutchsinsereloaded, we are taken directly to my address here in St. If you search out Dahboo77, it takes you to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta Georgia, where the Ebola infected people went. If you search out Paul Joseph Watson, it takes you to a weird office in New York City registered under "info service".

If you search out Alex Jones, it takes you to a weird office in New York City registered under "info service". Needless to say, this is creepy, and in the case of revealing private mobile phone numbers DOWNRIGHT WRONG  + DANGEROUS.
I think tatoott might have a legal case since his cell phone is being made public by them via a search on his supposedly private information that Google is supposed to safeguard. Google earth blurs out peoples faces, and other things of this nature on the street view of the program..
Lets get everyones personal information on Google earth and open up stalkers everywhere for a free-for-all --- or --- maybe Google should fix this problem, and compensate the people they've clearly now violated the trust of. This is a violation of their contract - which says they will safeguard personal data like Cell phone numbers, and home addresses. Reverse Cell Phone Numbers Look Up Google services can help you when you merely have a cell phone number or unlisted number to trace callers.
Searching youtube screennames on Google Earth (and Google Maps) can give you the persons HOME LOCATION and PHONE NUMBER !

For tatoott (my online youtube partner) it is much worse, not only his street and block, but his MOBILE NUMBER comes up ! A search on other youtube channels produces topics they are currently talking about, or their location as well.
This does NOT explain why my home street, and tatoott1009’s home address and mobile number come up though. Of course, you still want to make use of a dependable reverse service that can meet your needs. 18, for additional details.Thank you to those who have demonstrated your good nature, concern and generosity.

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