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When Canadians vote in the federal election in October, thousands will cast their ballot from behind bars. Inmates in federal prisons and provincial jails are eligible to vote for a candidate in the riding where they lived before they were incarcerated.
In the last federal election in 2011, voter turnout was 54 per cent in penitentiaries, not far below the 61 per cent who exercised their democratic right in the general population. Because prisoners have time to read and watch television news, they are just as informed - if not even more so - than Canadian voters on the outside, she said. A 2002 Supreme Court of Canada judgment gave federal prisoners the right to vote on constitutional grounds, ruling 5-4 that voting is a fundamental right in a democracy. Of note, Parliament has still not amended the Canada Elections Act to reflect the court decision, so the prisoner voting ban is still on the books even though it is not enforced. In coming weeks, Elections Canada will begin distributing registration forms to dedicated liaison officers at each Correctional Service Canada prison and community correctional centre (half-way house).
On prisoners' voting day, Elections Canada will dispatch representatives to each prison to administer the voting process.
Political candidates are allowed to campaign in prisons, but are subjected to the same rules and policies as any visitor to a prison, including security screening. Did you know that the "Census Bureau counts California prisoners as if they were residents of the communities where they are incarcerated, even though they remain legal residents of the places they lived before they were incarcerated.
Sitting on a thin mattress in the cell he shares with three other men, Williams says the inmates at True Grit watch each other's backs.
These prisoners weren't participating in correctional programs, which meant they couldn't get paroled. While non-correctional programs in the rest of the prison are geared to the young, with an emphasis on job training and obtaining a high school diploma, True Grit offers more than a dozen classes and activities that appeal to older people with different interests and physical abilities.

Just like senior citizens living on the outside, many elderly inmates have health issues such as arthritis, heart problems, emphysema or dementia, conditions that can add significantly to correctional costs. True Grit offers wheelchair aerobics, pain management classes and stretching sessions, as well as games and sports adapted to the abilities of the older prisoner. Also, a psychologist comes in for weekly therapy sessions with inmates coping with the isolation that comes when aging friends, family and spouses can no longer pay visits or pass away. Before launching the program in 2004, Harrison says half the inmates were on medication for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Before getting into trouble, several prisoners served their country, and Hal Shaw is one of them. Every week the 67-year-old Vietnam veteran gets together with volunteer vets from the community and the other inmates who fought in the Second World War, Korea or Vietnam. He works alongside 67-year-old Allen Soules, a fellow inmate who teaches American Indian bead art on the side. Just as there's elder abuse on the outside, Soules says seniors are often scammed and abused on the inside in regular prisons. But now that inmates are healthier and in better shape, fewer dollars are being spent on prescription medications and trips to the doctor, Harrison points out.
With programs tailored to their needs, she says, inmates are motivated to complete correctional programs and earn parole. The American experience mirrors Canada's, at least to some extent, in that a growing number of people are spending their golden years behind iron bars. Canada's correctional investigator, Howard Sapers, says the proportion of federally incarcerated inmates over the age of 50 has jumped 50 per cent in the last decade, to where they represent nearly 20 per cent of the total. Sapers wants the Correctional Service of Canada to hire more staff with expertise in palliative care and gerontology, people who could develop age-appropriate programs and activities for older offenders.

Vietnam and Gulf War vets from the Las Vegas area participate in a regular discussion group with inmates who are also vets, to talk about common issues and life on the outside.
On Thursday, California corrections officials announced that prison guards would be issued earplugs and instructed to tiptoe around the cells of the most dangerous convicts in the state so the inmates can sleep peacefully.
Seventy complaints from the 1,100 inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison’s security housing unit have protested welfare checks instituted to guarantee the prisoners have not committed suicide or suffered heart attacks. Pelican Bay, which holds difficult management cases, prison gang members, and violent maximum security inmates, according to its website, instituted time clocks which the guards are supposed to punch; the guards were told to mute the system.
Yet Bien admitted that the welfare checks are necessary, stating, “This has been successfully done all over the state without disruption, and it saves lives.” He said inmates may commence hunger strikes to protest the welfare checks. The inmates complain that officers have intentionally awakened them every half-hour with their keys and boots while slamming doors and shining flashlights into their eyes. Polls will remain open until everyone who wants to vote has voted, but no later than 8 p.m. Harrison launched the program in 2004 after becoming concerned about the state's growing number of greying inmates, men who didn't fit the mould of a prison system designed for the young. Of course not, neither would letting those who break the Law vote for those who make the Law. If you end up in prison its because your not in obedience to the Laws we the people have made for you to follow, how simple it is to see how stupid this issue is!Just like the Issue of Illegals voting, there's no reason to do it unless your agenda is to gain a voting block that doesn't exist, one that you can BUY OFF somehow for your side! The Right to Vote doesn't apply to prisoners simply because they are supposed to be under punishment, you forfeit your rights as a Law-abiding citizen UNTIL you pay the price to get it back.

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