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When the Edmund Fitzgerald, a gigantic and thoroughly modern ore carrier, sank in Lake Superior during a fierce storm in November 1975, one of the biggest mysteries in Great Lakes maritime history was born.
Edmund Fitzgerald: Past and Present boasts a wealth of exclusive interviews, rare photographs, beautiful paintings and original artwork, archival news clippings, computer graphics, stunning underwater footage taken from two separate dives to the wreck--even the ship-to-shore radio communication from the ship following the Fitzgerald--all enhancing a compelling narrative that offers a comprehensive account of this famous shipwreck.
Replacement Carl D Bradley bell with 33 names of crew members who died when the ship sank Nov.
This completely new second production, "Edmund Fitzgerald: Past and Present," has a wealth of new information and remarkable rare footage.
Also included are accounts of recent Fitzgerald activities, including the retrieval of one of its anchors, lost in the Detroit River in 1974, and details of a 1995 return to the wreck, during which an engraved bell replaced the ship's original.
This became our base from which we would attempt to conduct dives on the Bradley located off-shore in the freighter lanes. Bradley project finally culminated with an article being published in Wreck Diving Magazine!  Get your copy of Issue #17 and enjoy the extensive 10 page segment and photos!

While the1993's popular "The Mystery of the Edmund Fitzgerald" video concentrated on the Fitzgerald's history and final voyage, the sequel explains the theories with authoritative, in-depth interviews. Built in 1927 by the American Ship Building Company in Lorain, Ohio, the Bradley was owned by the Michigan Limestone division of U.S. The Fitzgerald at 729' x 75' x 39' is the larger of the two and lies in 529' of Lake Superior's icy waters. The wreck victim's families have asked that no one visits the grave of the Edmund Fitzgerald and their lost, loved ones. As the boats of the Bradley Transportation fleet were often out and back home every few days, many of the crews made their homes and raised their families in Rogers City. A memorial bell engraved with the names of the lost crew was placed back on the Bradley two days after the original bell was removed. A ferocious winter gale caught the Bradley 25 miles off-shore Manistique, MI in upper Lake Michigan and ripped her in two!

The Bradley would lie unseen by human eyes until July 6th, 2001 when a trimix diver (Mirek Standowicz) made the first SCUBA dive and viewed her nameboard atop the pilot house in 310'. An order was given to abandon ship but the Bradley sank before any life saving craft could be effectively launched. The Bradley's double stern wheel, flag pole, lettered smoke-stack, deck cabins and fantail are in pristine condition. The battered port lifeboat also reminds us that the Bradley is the final resting place for 33 of her crew.

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