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Certified Birth Record of Iva Barlow, shown as unamed daughter, born July 02, 1904 in Balderson, Marshall Co Kansas to Jas. Certified Birth Record of Daniel Barlow, unamed on certificate, born March 09, 1900 in Marysville, Marshall Co Kansas to M.
Certified Birth Record of male child, name not given, born January 07, 1902 in Marysville, Marshall Co Kansas to M. Birth records and certificates are very important in various processes like obtaining a passport, getting an identification or just doing family history research.
In case you are an orphan, you may also want to obtain your birth record in order to find out who your parents are. You should collect all particular information like name of the person and approximate date of birth.

Information like the state in which the person was born will help you to find birth record of a person in an easier manner. In order to find a person’s birth certificate, you need to have some vital information in your hand like the name of the person and the city where the person was born. You can find out when someone was born with the required information that is essential for locating the birth records on other certificates like marriage or divorce certificates etc. But hospitals are not authorized to issue a copy and you can not get your birth certificate at the hospital. You can even find a website to look at birth information free of cost and search for peoples birth dates. In order to locate the vital records office, you can go to the county health dept or vital records office.

But be careful while searching on these sites because if you enter wrong information, you will get a message like “no record found”. Then put the application concerning the birth record in an envelope named SASE (Self addressed, self stamped envelope) and pay the fees required to replace your lost birth certificate or whatever the reason, which is usually less than $50.
That is why if you do a free birth records search online be careful and remember you typically get what you pay for. You can also find out where to write for vital records or order an official birth certificate too.

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