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In Ireland birth records date from 1864, when the Irish civil registration system was introduced.
Although it became compulsory to register all Irish births with a local registrar, some Irish births were not recorded, particularly in the early years. On joining the Post Office (then part of the Civil Service) aged 20, he had to provide proof of baptism and school references as substitutes for a birth certificate. Interestingly, though, the date recorded on their son Timothy's birth certificate is not the date he celebrated his birthday (see below).
His parents may have declared a later birth date in order to avoid a late registration fine. These examples show that, in Ireland, birth records are not necessarily complete and accurate, even if they do survive in their entirety! There are no official records of Irish births before 1864, although you may find announcements of births in historical newspapers.

Irish birth certificates are especially helpful to your genealogy research because they show the all-important, and often elusive, townland where the child was born. The longer the period between the birth and the date of registration, the more likelihood the date of birth is incorrect. But some registrations that appear to have been recorded promptly after the birth may also be incorrect; families were fined if they recorded the birth outside set time limits so would register a false date of birth to avoid hefty penalties.
Examples of Irish birth certificatesThe documents below are a selection from my own family history research. While that information may be correct, I know that my grandad always celebrated his birthday on 20 January, so clearly someone was misinformed along the way!
If you are looking for the birth record of an ancestor born abroad to Irish parents, you will not find it in Ireland's mainstream civil registration records.
Until this time, a child's arrival was recorded only by baptism (or christening, according to religious denomination).

It is not maintained by the GRO but by the Department of Foreign Affairs and it plays an important role in allowing Irish citizenship to be granted to people whose grand-parents (but not their parents) were born in Ireland.
With both parents' surnames, finding a record of their marriage becomes a lot easier and, with that, your family history research can usually move back another generation. The birth was registered by the Chief Resident Officer of the Workhouse exactly six weeks later (thereby avoiding a fine, so believe the birth date or don't!) I have found no death registration for Julia, so I suspect her baby was left at the workhouse.

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