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Barry 500 Series Mounts are low cost isolators providing high load carrying capacity, compact size and stability. Industrial Conical Mount Series Isolators are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty vehicular applications, off-road equipment, large trucks, and construction equipment. Barry Industrial Machinery Mounts are for use under heavy industrial machinery for shock, vibration and structure borne noise control. Barry Neoprene Pads are designed for use as a general purpose shock, vibration and noise attenuator or where the advantages of elastomeric characteristics are required but a specific type of isolator has not been called out. A universal set of mounts for protection from severe shock environments, high-frequency vibration and structure borne noise.
Barry Cupmounts combine protection against severe shock with efficient vibration isolation characteristics at frequencies above 40 Hertz. Barry S-Mounts are air-damped isolators and are designed to provide the highest degree of vibration isolation for sensitive commercial and military airborne equipment. Low-frequency, friction damped mounts for high level vibration isolation and shock protection in rotary wing aircraft. Barry H-Mounts are ideally suited for protecting equipment in helicopters or similar environments where high amplitude, low frequency vibration is predominant. General purpose, all-attitude isolators for mounting aircraft, shipboard or vehicular equipment. Barry T-Mounts are general purpose isolators for mounting aircraft, shipboard or vehicular equipment in any attitude. All-attitude, highly damped mounts for protection of equipment from vibration, shock during steady-state acceleration. Barry B-Mounts provide shock and vibration isolation for avionic equipment in high performance aircraft. ME Series Mounts are low frequency, free standing isolators which are environmentally resistant and operate over a wide temperature range. The TT-A mount is a mid frequency isolator which combines a low profile and large deflection capability in order to provide both shock and vibration protection.
Mid-frequency, low profile, high deflection mounts for protection from severe vibration and shock. Barry TT-B Mounts are mid-frequency isolators with a large deflection capacity, designed to give both shock and vibration isolation protection.

Barry HTTA-Series Mounts are low frequency isolators with a large deflection capacity for both vibration and shock protection.
Barry VHC-Series mounts are special purpose, mid-frequency isolators designed to protect sensitive equipment when high level shock and vibration inputs are expected. Two stage shock mount and vibration isolator for severe dynamic environments such as shipboard and ground vehicles. Barry 2K-Series mounts offer the advantage of superior vibration and shock protection for a wide range of loads in a single compact unit. Barry GB530 Series mounts provide large deflections under shock input and effective attenuation of structure borne noise in the range of 12.5 - 10,000 Hertz.
Barry-Flex isolators are designed for harsh environments where high-amplitude shock and vibration are encountered. Barry E Series Mounts are designed for optimum shock and vibration isolation of lightweight electronic equipment, where space is a concern. Barry 5200 Series Mounts are for applications where protection is required from shock, vibration or noise.
Economical, low-frequency, low-profile mounts provide vibration and structure-borne noise control. Barry 6820 Series Mounts are ideal for providing economical isolation from vibration and structure-borne noise for electronic equipment in cramped environments, such as instrument panels or for motors and generators.
Versatile, low-cost stud type mounts for vibration, shock and noise control, and motion accommodation. Barry Ring & Bushing isolators consist of an elastomeric ring and elastomeric bushing and are designed to be built directly into the structural components of the equipment to be mounted.
Barry Ball Mount Series Isolators are miniature, low-cost isolators that provide medium natural frequency vibration isolation for precision equipment, electronics and office equipment. The high damping and nonlinear characteristics of MET-L-FLEX load carrying element and limiter pads in the all metal 1201 and 1202 Series Isolators assure controlled shock and vibration isolation protection for mounted equipment. Barry MET-L-FLEX Bushings are used wherever environmental conditions could damage or destroy conventional elastomeric bushings.
Engine mounts isolate vibration, absorb shock and attenuate noise due to structure-borne vibrations. Barry V-Spring Engine mounts isolate vibration, absorb shock and attenuate noise due to structure-borne vibration.

Barry Marine Mounts provide effective noise and vibration isolation of marine engines (up to 1,000 HP). Barry Navy Mounts provide effective noise and vibration isolation of marine engines (up to 1,000 HP). Barry 500SL Series mounts are best suited for applications that require a low vertical natural frequency in conjunction with impact shock protection and superior structure borne noise attenuation. Barry HR Series mounts are best suited for isolation of diesel engines with five or less cylinders for on or off-highway applications.
22000 Series mounts are expressly designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty vehicular applications, off-the-road equipment, large trucks and construction equipment. Barry-Bond Mounts are designed for multidirectional vibration isolation, shock attenuation and noise reduction due to structure borne vibrations. Barry SLM Series Mounts are pneumatic elastomeric mounts, ideal for applications requiring higher deflection isolators. Barry Leveling Mounts are ideal for protecting heavy industrial equipment and machinery such as CNC machines, punch presses, drill presses, sanders, saws, injection molding and many other types of industrial equipment. Barry 633A Series Mounts are medium weight mounts normally used for vertically applied loads to prevent transmission of noise and vibration caused by rotation of imbalanced equipment such as generators, blowers, pumps, etc. Barry Industrial Machinery Mounts provide efficient isolation for machine speeds as low as 750 rpm.
They can be mounted in any orientation to protect sensitive electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment from high impact shocks. HTTA Series Mounts are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-810C for mounting electronic equipment in helicopter environments. These mounts feature uniquely tuned stiffnesses to achieve optimum performance and ride comfort.

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