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You may have heard that bankruptcy filings are public record, but that doesn’t mean they are public knowledge. People sometimes worry that their bankruptcy will be published in the newspaper or broadcast on TV. You really don’t need to worry about friends, family, or acquaintances finding out about your bankruptcy, unless you choose to tell them.
The only people, other than those you choose to tell, who would find out about your bankruptcy are people who run credit reports for business purposes. Although people can look up records of bankruptcy filings online, it is not something that most people will bother with. These proceedings are open to the public, but are not very exciting, so usually the only people who attend are attorneys, trustees, people who are filing bankruptcy, and supportive friends.

Even then, they are not seeing all the information about your bankruptcy, only that you filed and had debt discharged. When it comes to bankruptcy, concerns for privacy can also be combined with feelings of shame. Some small towns may report Public Notices in the newspaper or mention bankruptcies on public access TV, but the chances of someone seeing this are slim. To contact me, you can fill out the form to the right, which will notify me via email that you wish to speak about bankruptcy options for you. People wonder if friends, family, or neighbors will be able to easily find out that they’ve filed bankruptcy. In order to see filings, a person must pay a fee and register online at the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) website.

Your mail carrier may notice envelopes from the bankruptcy court, but they are usually quite busy making deliveries.
The records will not include your full social security number or date of birth, to avoid identity theft.

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