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Bankruptcy Filings up 100 Percent from 2007: Americans Financially Unable to Meet Current Debt Payments. Individual Bankruptcy filings have continued to increase this year, bringing the filings for those overwhelmed by consumer debt to new highs since the bankruptcy laws were overhauled in 2005. The above graph, courtesy of the Calculated Risk Blog, shows consumer filings on a quarterly basis going back to 1996.  We are now approaching the levels seen just prior to when the bankruptcy laws were changed in October 2005. The filings have increased virtually every single quarter since 2006.  I previously wrote about Bankruptcy Filings Returning to Pre-Amendment Levels .

Even with the new stringent measures bankruptcy filings have been soaring and are now up 104 percent from 2007.  This is happening because 27 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed and it is hard to squeeze any payment out of someone with no income. She and her partner, Mark Neis, are Topeka's only board certified consumer bankruptcy law specialists.
We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, assisting them with the filing of petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
You should consult with a bankruptcy attorney licensed to practice in your state for advice about your particular situation.

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