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Making the proper hiring decision can be a heavy task, especially when using background checks to assist in the hiring process. As your background check provider has hopefully told you, there are laws that you must follow when performing background checks for employment purposes. If you have any further questions about the items mentioned in this article, or if you would like ApplicantPro to assist you in building a compliant background check program, please contact us.
The NLRB and EEOC have indicated, however, that an employer may request confidentiality based on an individualized assessment that reveals case-specific risks that present a legitimate and substantial business justification for a confidentiality instruction. You’ve weeded through the potential candidates, made your selection and spent the money on vetting your potential employee against your background check procedures.

The best way to do this is to perform the same background check for every employee within a certain job type (with absolutely no exceptions). Background screening companies are required by law to notify their clients about the FCRA, but essentially, that is where the line is drawn. For example, if you have an entry level position in your company, a new applicant must be screened with the same background check level that each employee prior to them (in the same position) has had.
The FCRA and other background check laws are very important, but beyond the scope of this article. It is best to have a firm policy in place for what is not acceptable on a background investigation.

As a human resources professional it is important that these guidelines be understood before actually running background checks. The information herein will focus on the EEOC’s guidelines to making hiring decisions when background checks are involved.

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