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One driver received a citation at Los Angeles International Airport for driving with an expired license, and the driver "stated that he was leasing his car from someone else and using their Uber account," according to the complaint.
Meanwhile, Uber has long maintained that its background-check system is comprehensive and keeps consumers safe.
The service's background checks go back only seven years (as do competitor Lyft's), and simply aren't in-depth enough to catch everybody's histories, says the complaint. The city of San Francisco is urging Uber and its ilk to use Livescan, a fingerprint-based method, but Uber is resisting. Not long ago, Lyft had to pay $250,000 in fines for a similar court finding, but didn't change anything about its background-check processes. Last night, news broke of a woman passenger allegedly raped by a Uber driver, in New Delhi.

To get a sense of how Uber’s safety mechanisms work, we need to understand the feedback system on the user side and the vetting process on the driver side, both aimed at increasing the safety of a ride. As you can see, the process is highly detailed (they get to know if a person is a sex offender or not) and checks are in place at various levels of the government, ensuring the safety of the passenger.
Well, knowing India, we can say that the concept of background vetting in India is synonymous with a comedy laugh track. According to Madhur Verma, DCP (North), the driver and the vehicle involved in the incident were part of Uber’s newly-launched low-cost cab-booking service. Getting existing taxi drivers to drive for a completely alien concept (and company) is hard, and Uber clearly knows this. Surely, there are similar partnerships with various rental companies, but Uber claims to have three levels of background checks at the county, state and federal levels.

It’s just not going to work, if they think safety can be ensured with a vague layer of governmental checks and the feedback system. Uber asks drivers to delight the passenger by providing amenities like tissues and water, to increase the chances of a better rating.
Even the proper background checks can get you nowhere, largely thanks to the lack of data or strict policies from the Government, making it worse than it already is.
Just a reality Uber has to deal with and focus on the safety of the user, rather than focusing on expanding its business at breakneck speeds.

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